Shingles Vaccine | Does Medicare Cover The Shingles Shot?

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Does Medicare cover the Shingles vaccine? Many preventative vaccines are covered by Medicare Part B, which means most Medicare beneficiaries pay little to no out of pocket cost for things like their Flu Shot, or other routine preventative vaccines. However, Shingrex and Zostavax (the two most common Shingles vaccines) are covered by Part D of Medicare instead of Part B. This means that you will usually end up paying a larger co-pay for these shots, or possibly paying the full negotiated cost of these (which typically ranges from $100-$225) if you have not yet met your Part D plan's drug deductible for the year.
If you are receiving this shot in a provider setting or doctor's office, be sure your doctor knows to bill your Part D Drug Plan, instead of Medicare Part B – otherwise you may be billed for the FULL cost of the vaccine, and then have to go back and request reimbursement.

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Shingles Vaccine | Does Medicare Cover The Shingles Shot?


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