Sanders to introduce Medicare-for-all bill

Sen. Bernie Sanders previews his new healthcare legislation with Dana Bash in an exclusive interview on State of the Union

Sanders to introduce Medicare-for-all bill

69 thoughts on “Sanders to introduce Medicare-for-all bill

    • Myballsitchsomethingfierce   what do you mean?   if you had more inhabitants you would have more people paying taxes but you would have more to spend.    the money for heathcare is from taxes. you don’t need oppressing taxation for free healthcare.

    • Myballsitchsomethingfierce    do you think it is ok to let people die because they can’t afford healthcare?

    • +Myballsitchsomethingfierce single payer or government ran healthcare are literally everywhere, every single developed nation has it, yet we are considered the leader of the free world? When we lag behind because of idiots like you that hold our nation back from her potential?

      You are so stuck inside your outdated dogma and spoonfed republican propaganda, that you can no longer look or examine reality.

      We given you the facts yet you ignore it.

      We appeal to your better american, and you shun it.

      You arnt an american, you arnt even human, you are a puppet, a good little sheep that the corrupt loves to have around

    • David Hicks
      Oopsy that other comment was meant towards someone else. As far as Bernie Sanders paying taxes.

      There’s a false graph implying Sanders paid an effective tax rate of 13.5%. That graph is nothing more than a conspiracy theory trying to discredit Bernie Sanders.

    • +ItzDaveYO! What? The very fact that our nation is falling to ruin precisely BECAUSE WE KEEP ENACTING REPUBLICAN AND CONSERVATIVE POLICIES.

      Progressives are needed, progress is needed.

      anyone that argues against this is arguing for the death of the United states.

      Cause the only institution that rejects change, rejects life, is 6ft underground

  1. Name me one industrial country that has private healthcare insurance !! Only America . Medicare for all is the best solution . And it will be cheaper .

    • Yeh I mean hurray your economy is better (although not better than europe as a whole) as you have a country of 300 million but you also have not everyone covered on healthcare and your poverty rates and happiness are appalling.

      What good is an economy if it doesn’t benefit ordinary people?

    • LOL! Because any country with socialized medicine is by U.S. purity standards a threat to humanity with its compassion for all its citizens ideologies and it traitorous deceitful communist ways….

    • XxGamer. Corporations sent jobs overseas because the free trade agreements, written by corporations and enacted via lobbying and the power of money over the election system, facilitated access to cheap 3d world labor with none of the pollution restrictions, safety standards, or other workers rights that American workers spent decades and blood to achieve.

      Trump says the free trade agreements hurt the middle class because our negotiators were “stupid”. He’s wrong. They got exactly what the corporations wanted, and free trade agreements were great for them. And, thanks to the corrupt campaign finance system, elected politicians serve first and foremost their wealthy corporate campaign donors.

  2. Guys, this could never work. It’s too expensive! Sure, every other developed country has it, but America is different. Sure, we’re the wealthiest country in the history of Earth, but it’s just too expensive. Our oligarchs (the world’s best oligarchs, by the way) will have to buy smaller yachts. It’s asking too much just to save poor people. Just stop being poor and sick.

    • I mean taxation is theft so by basic logic, it’s never “fair”, then again we are talking to people who think socialism is a good idea. So fairness really isn’t on the radar.

    • Noone likes paying taxes, of course. But, it’s necessary to keep a country afloat, of course. The Left or Right agree on that. What is considered a “fair” share is open to interpretation.

      Btw, let me you hold you car for a second.

    • whyamimrpink78 You are correct sir. We do have the Constitution, which happens to be the Supreme law of the land. It supercedes State legislation.

      America is not a dictatorship. We have more freedoms, than most nations. States, and citizens have free reign over their respective terroties. So, I don’t know where you are even going there with that. You parroting right wing rhetoric.

      As I mentioned earlier, if a citizen’s rights are threatned, right to life, happniness, liberty, and freedom, then, it’s the constitutional duty of the federal government to intervene. States do not have the right to piss on you, nor does a citizen. It is the duty of the federal government to protect the well being of it’s citizens, it goes beyond providing a national defense.

      Do you believe a State should make murder legal? Do you believe pedophiles should roam free? Do you believe in overt discrimination? Ok, I’m just being a drama queen. But, the point is the States do not have the right to infringe upon your constitutional rights. That’s why in America past people have turned to the federal government because their basic constitutional rights were threatned. Again, you are echoching right wing rhetoric, who believe in “small government” That is simply open to interpretation. If, you still believe States will just figure things out, and should block federal interference, you are lost, my dear.

      Night, sir.

    • Dicking over them? Like forcing the poor to go to the emergency room for care, thus badly clogging said rooms, and then forcing hospitals to provide free care when the poor inevitably can’t pay their healthcare costs? That kind of dicking over?

    • whiteknight – we have “single payer” universal healthcare in Canada, and we all work for it. It’s not free, we pay for it. It just so happens that it’s way more efficient than the American system. Less than half the cost. And we can choose our physicians and our care. It’s a thriving capitalistic democracy up here. But if you have a huge personal health emergency costing $800,000 then that enormous national insurance pool takes care of it so you and your family don’t go bankrupt.

    • wickednwyld – as a Canadian (I lived in the US for a long time) who has great universal healthcare, listening to this debate is pretty interesting. Your summary of the national insurance pool and regulations controlling costs and the current corruption is absolutely spot on. We have some challenges in improving our system to make it even better, but it’s very good overall (94% approval by Canadians in surveys). Our system costs less than half per capita (fair measure) compared to yours and our pharma costs are also much lower (and our government is working to make it even lower still). You guys have a steep hill to climb. Hope you can do it. And lastly (as you said), your gov’t officials need to represent the people and not the corporations.

    • Charlie M – of course what wickednwyld is talking about is going to work. Every advanced capitalistic democracy in the world successfully uses the model that wickednwyld is talking about. Only the US has insisted on letting a corrupt free market run the show, and it is failing Americans. On average those successful universal healthcare systems cost about half per capita (fair measure) compared to the US. And universal healthcare can still allow Americans to choose their physician, choose their care, choose their surgeon. There are great models of it around the world for America to study. There has never been one single successful free market healthcare system on the planet. Not one, ever.

  3. fun fact, in the philippines health insurance is 8 dollars a month and people are not forced to buy it or get fined if they dont buy it, unlike in the US

    • Jeremy Parsons Im sorry. But I have beem to the Philippines, and the healthcare there is not good. Only way to establish an effective healthcare system for everyone is to have a everyone pay a percentage, based on their income. The hardest thing about healthcare is getting the healthy people to be part of the system, and paying as well. Not only the sick, old, etc. A single payer system is the best way to go.

    • nope, and lab work is done in house and takes 10 minutes for test results, no need to wait days for results like in the US.

    • Slick User – when did it happen that Elders in the USA are not valued for their wisdom and experience. I would take an Elder like Sanders over a youth like Ryan any day of the week. I am sad your experience is so shallow that you think young is good and elder is bad.

  4. Alright.
    Average income in United States is: 51,000+ per household.
    Average cost per year for a good insurance plan: Annual premiums reached $18,142 in 2016
    Single payer would cost 2% of people income partly to support the system.
    2%/$1000-$1200 is less then $18,142 for average family yearly income.

    Right now Both Republicans and Corporate Democrats think corporations and banks need 80 Bil a month in quantitative easing.

    Single payer only affects the wealthy who can afford the 2%. how ever 90%+ of you are not wealthy and never will be so accept single payer because its the patriotic duty to better this country and it’s people.

    • “Giving everyone equal opportunity with hard work to get advanced educations.”

      We lack professors, TAs, tutors, dorms, classrooms, etc. We lack resources in colleges to provide it for more people. Also, K-12 education is free for everyone in all 50 states. After that you should be able to manage your own life.

    • +whyamimrpink78 With regards to health care, same goes for the education systems: the US could really benefit from taking up Senator Bernie Sanders advise and look towards European countries; like the Scandinavian.

    • +AboxoroxRoxursox Apparently it’s more important to subside big corp and pour fortunes into the military, than it is educating Americans and taking of their health.

    • I guess they finally realized that screwing him over in favor of Hillary was one of the big factors that led to Trump becoming president.

    • And CNN helping the dnc smear him and ignore him all while pushing Hillary and giving Trump a constant spot light.

    • Please also remember… even if he had been elected there would still be dissension in our wonderful Congress. Not many upstanding people in either house. Good luck to us all.

    • +whiteknight
      -You call yourself “Knight, yet show ignorance to chivalry…
      -Corporates owners store trillions gained from tax credits abroad in tax free zones, and you the US can’t afford health care and education for workers? These reserves can be use to reduce prices, if you or I try to start a competing business. Thus not being able to create a profit, we’d go bankrupt, because consumers would choose the cheaper solution, and the corporates reserves allow them to take local losses for years, if necessary.
      -Said companies and similar organisations pay politicians to legislate in their favour. Recent development with this presently elected so-called president secretaries have been openly buying their nominations and gotten confirmed in spite, not only obvious incompetence, but also having revealed willingness to work against the purpose of their department.

      -Every industrial country, but the US offer their citizens health at default. Look at the Scandinavian models.

    • “Who paid for your grades 1 to 12?”

      The vast majority of K-12 education is funded by the state and local government, and in some places all of it.

      Also, compare the quality of college campuses to K-12 public schools.

    • “Actually, the majority of Americans agree with every one of Bernie’s policies”

      Single payer failed miserably in Colorado and Vermont and people voted for Trump and the Republicans.

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