Republicans Using Children To Cut Medicare

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Republicans want to kill CHIP, but would much rather gut Medicare. Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, breaks it down. Tell us what you think in the comment section below. Join TYT:

"Late Monday night, House Republicans unveiled a plan for reauthorizing the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), which Congress allowed to lapse this past weekend.
Like its Senate counterpart, the bill lays out five years of CHIP funding, but reduces the amount of federal money going to help states cover low-income children and pregnant women after two years. Unlike the Senate bill, the entire package is funded by cuts to Medicare and the Affordable Care Act’s prevention and public health fund.
The Democrats on the Energy and Commerce Committee, which marks up the bill on Wednesday, were less than thrilled with the plan.”*

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Republicans Using Children To Cut Medicare


49 thoughts on “Republicans Using Children To Cut Medicare

  1. Vote Republican in 2020? I hope not. Ever ever again. They are totally hellbent on destroying America. And awesome at doing just that. Time for Republicans to hibernate indefinitely.

  2. Just like the Vegas shooter and his coke head brother. They look down on ppl. Blowing 100,000 is nothing to them.

  3. great ok if you’re rich have kids..we like rich kids..but if you’re poor or at least not poor but just middle class don’t have children..we only like rich kids…WE NEED SINGLE PAY MEDICARE FOR ALL!!!

  4. since our taxes pay for health-care, why doesn’t trump lose his health-care since he doesn’t bother to pay his taxes?

    • ColdDiceConspiracy
      guess I should have clarified that millionaires who don’t pay taxes should be excluded from health-care paid by others. yes I said millionaire because let’s be real. that man is no more a billionaire than I am

    • Clair Duffy that’s exactly what the republicans are doing. The republicans aren’t run by Russia but by billionaire donors. If you want to change anything Concentrate On This! Not on Putin.

    • Correct, divide and conquer. We are so vulnerable on the internet the effort is accelerating and no Republican will allow election issuers to be investigated or repaired.

  5. There’s never any money for healthcare and all programs intended to help the people of this country. When it comes to defense spending, money falls from the sky with no end. Even worse are the willfully ignorant people of this country that keep falling for this.

    • well you know colonist love it when people drop dead by the millions. why did you think they committed genocide to begin with? and their descendants are no different.

    • Woof,, Dogs bite colddice, ….’ be prepared with your rabies jab, , no wait, I’m sorry you can’t, that won’t be included in health care either

    • So people eventually learn that the two party system is a fraud and all politicians are the same. To prove that politicians are elitist assholes that don’t actually care about the people of this country. I still think he’s a perfect representation of Americans. Arrogant, petty, materialistic, childish, divisive, rude, dumb, heartless, unreasonable, illogical, etc etc… He’s also very presidential, he’s sexually abusive just like his predecessors. Add in the bonus of pissing off the only groups of people more arrogant than a successful elitist, the normie elitists known as democrats and progressives and their equal but opposite counterpart, the religious right. That’s a winner in my book.

  6. That’s right let’s make cuts to healthcare and yet waste $10 billion on a border wall… Are we Great yet people?

  7. Bernie’s going to have his work cut out for him after he wins the election in 2020. He’s going to have to undo all the damage that Trump and his Swamp Things have done.

  8. I just read that Trump said that if you don’t work you don’t eat. Children are in trouble but let’s keep making sure they are born no matter what.

  9. So long as their kids are safe Republican lawmakers would gladly, nay gleefully, feed every poor child in the US into a meat grinder if it saved one cent. They utterly lack empathy, sympathy or compassion.

  10. everything is getting so bad here, that lottery winners are probably leaving the country.. and if I ever win the lottery ill leave to.. and move anywhere where there are no politicians and no politics…

    • Narratives of Old why would lottery winners leave whe republicans just proposed giving the ultra rich $2.2 TRILLION in tax cuts that we the little people will eventually pay for?

    • the time they pay 45% (not sure if that amount is correct) in taxes on the winnings,, wont be long before the money is gone.. and with this crazy people at the helm.. you never know what will happen next.. if I win.. ill spend my money on a boat and a secluded island.. never to comeback into this crazy jungle that we call *civilized society*   the whole political system here is out of control…no sooner were done financing one war.. we start another one.. we rob we steal we kill and we destroy.. and nothing is about to change anytime soon.. sometimes a peace of mind its worth more than all the rice in china..10 times over.. and the republicans and democrats can have the all money… there are a number of people who have left the states and relocated .. last I heard Madonna moved in Portugal.. or somewhere around there..

    • Do we gotta tag em before weigh in? I’m also guessing anti-waste laws won’t apply if I leave the carcass to rot instead of mounting it, right?

    • Yeeky Chams nah the only requirment is to make sure to hang it high and proud. Or at least drag it to the center of any nearby street

    • May the Science be with You in the real revolution it’s all politicians held accountable not just reps because at this point both parties work for the same 1%

  11. I’ve noticed that fewer people are knee-jerking that dislike button…could it be that they’re finally realizing that they’re being taken for a ride??

  12. Quit saying pro life. The right isn’t pro life.They are anti-abortion, anti-sexual education, anti-contraception.
    The only thing the right is “Pro”, is tax cuts for the insanely wealthy.

    • Maybe because children actually die? Maybe Republicans should stop sending kids back to places where they will likely be raped or killed by drug lords? Maybe stop forcing them to cross the desert and die because they put walls and militarized police everywhere in the cities?

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