Republicans Target Medicare Despite Trump’s Promise To Protect It

Speaker Paul Ryan and other Republicans are signaling their intention to privatize Medicare. Trump voters might not be happy about it.

Jimmy Dore breaks it down.

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Republicans Target Medicare Despite Trump's Promise To Protect It

31 thoughts on “Republicans Target Medicare Despite Trump’s Promise To Protect It

  1. love the jimmy dore show…accurate perspective of world affairs. need more
    true progressives like you. much love from new zealand

  2. Really we should push for repealing ACA and getting medicare for all in its
    place. It’s what Obama should have done to begin with. Whats the fucking

  3. if the Republicans vote against keeping Medicare I will work for every
    single Democrat every office no matter what for the rest of my life

  4. That point Hank made about Medicare benefiting young people too because
    then they won’t have to be ‘burdened’ with taking care of their parents
    (who took care of them) is irritating. What is wrong with a program that
    just benefits seniors?! The ageism in this country is beyond belief! Even
    the derogatory remarks TJDS makes sometimes about the age of people they
    stereotype as being the ones watching MSNBC and Fox news makes me mad. You
    know, some of us watch TJDS and The Young Turks. We don’t all think and act
    alike just because of our age. And, we work hard and pay taxes all our
    lives. I think we deserve some respect. We need more anti-ageism activists!

    • nothing wrong but it does in fact benefit the kids of the elderly. It’s a
      win win and nothing wrong with kids taking care of their parents, but
      parents shouldn’t expect it. You had a choice they didn’t as they also have
      a choice to have or not have kids. They owe it to their kids that they
      choose to have and the cycle continues.

    • So let us look at it this way. I’m a mother with two young children. I have
      two parents with various health issues who have just retired and a 94 year
      old grandmother with various health issues. Now I and my husband are the
      only ones working in this 7 person family. Now we, the two workers have to
      find money for everyone’s health care plus normal living expenses that come
      with children. That’s gonna be a pretty hefty bill for anyone not in the
      upper middle class or above. Potentially an impossible bill, especially
      since the older people in the family will most likely need hospital care
      from time to time. I would expect this move to increase poverty and hunger
      amongst a large portion of the population. Historically this is when
      populations start to rebel, the French Revolution was a well-known example
      but there are many more.

  5. Let thy diet be thy medicine.
    Only thing I can think of.
    AND we can’t retire until we’re totally worn out anyway….

  6. So what they are proposing is very similar to what GM did in 2009 when they
    got rif of their retiree group medical plans. GM had retied employees like
    70 years old who had gm group health plans. WHat GM did was drop these
    people. It was sold in the news as if they were being mistreated. BUt GM
    gave each person 300 a month to buy medicare supplement plans

    SO this republican proposal is too get rid of medicare Crazy then give each
    senior some money like 300 bucks a month lets say, so they can go on market
    and buy a plan from 6 competing companies offering different plans that
    will confuse the poor seniors.
    This will make it easier to take advantage of them. If they dont screw the
    agents we will get rich in such a system. The best thing is to consult with
    an expert.
    Its another scam like the aca from what i can tell to make the insurance
    companies rich

    • It’s false choise. Do you want to have a bypass operation or the budget
      alternative? The people in the insurance market knows this. They know that
      people are willing to pay all they have, if the option is to live or die.
      It’s also a bloody scam to install even more middlemen that can drain the
      resources out of the goverments pockets.

  7. The Republicans will target Medicare, privatize it, it will go south
    drowning in rapacious fees and padded bill while delivering GARBAGE health
    care, this country will revolt, the USA gets Single Payer/National Health
    Care. These Republicans are numb skulls.

    • Some people (like me) would argue that healthcare should not be profit
      driven. One of the reasons that our healthcare system is so broken is
      because it is fueled by profit.

      Also, one of the reasons Medicare works is because it covers so many
      people….this gives huge leverage to negotiate healthcare costs down, and
      give some standards for quality of care. If Medicare is abolished and
      replaced with “free market,” for profit insurance policies, it will cause a
      ripple affect throughout the entire healthcare system.

    • +Kristi CH Could not agree with you more, Kristi. Our health has become a
      commodity that they sell back to us for outrageous prices. We need a
      national health care system like Canada that is devoid of profits.

  8. While I agree that the country should move toward a single-payer health
    care system, Medicare is rife with fraud costing the program about $40B
    annually. That ISN’T efficient, but I’ll take that over people going
    bankrupt or losing their homes because someone in their family was unlucky
    enough to get hurt or sick.

    The biggest problem with our system is that it’s devolved into a business
    rather than a means to help each other out.

    • Our entire healthcare system is “rife with fraud,” including health
      insurance companies.

      Single payer, or something very close to it, is the only solution.

  9. Jimmy, the man’s medicine costs $10,000 a month because medicare cannot
    negotiate or buy from overseas. Total BS monopoly protectionism of BIg
    Pharma. That is the real crime and why the deficit is soaring.

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