Rep. Alan Grayson: Expand Medicare Now

Medicare should provide health coverage for every part of your body, including eyes, ears, and teeth. Add your name to become a citizen co-sponsor now:

5 thoughts on “Rep. Alan Grayson: Expand Medicare Now

  1. dude i am okay with helping some people. but i am sick and tired of the
    government taking too much! some taxes are okay. but now it is feeling like
    theft. it is my hard erned money.

    • There are these things called tax brackets, look it up. If you don’t make
      over 250k then your taxes won’t go up as a result of said policies. With
      Bernie’s plan–a universal healthcare system that covers everyone–your
      taxes would go up slightly, but since you’d no longer have to pay for
      health insurance, you’d save thousands of dollars a year. Besides, we’re
      all already paying taxes, so that money might as well go toward programs
      that will benefit the most amount of people as possible, as opposed to
      endless wars. And don’t let Republicans fool you: they whine about
      taxation, yet they refuse to cut the defense budget. Instead they cut taxes
      for the highest brackets, then quietly raise fees for traffic citations,
      parking meters, tags and registration, etc. to make up the difference–that
      is, if they bother to balance the budget at all. Most of the time, they
      wreck both the budget and their local economies.

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