Poor Diabetic Dies After Taking ‘Cheaper’ Insulin: Medicare-4-All NOW!

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Poor Diabetic Dies After Taking 'Cheaper' Insulin: Medicare-4-All NOW!

32 thoughts on “Poor Diabetic Dies After Taking ‘Cheaper’ Insulin: Medicare-4-All NOW!

    • Then go somewhere else for your info. Why shop here where you are unable to help yourself? You are gaslite beyond recognition.

    • @Marcus Conte gaslight… lmao. Before ACA i was paying 80 dollars a month for insurance now i pay 720. With a 3000 dollar deductible. Am i suppose to think the govt will not want that same 720 a month from me. Or will the US govt be super compassionate and let me in for healthcarebfor free

    • @Steve Zrofsky that maybe so but dig deeper and it always comes back to the good old US of A ITS ALL ABOUT THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL MONEY you open or buy a company in a country where your dollar goes much farther than your own country and then majorly charge more money in the usa and people cannot afford to buy it and it costs people there lives

    • @Dan Worth or the media being truthful so we can vote out the corupt that sold us out to the corporations. And it sounds like we need more political competitiin like 100 polititical parties.

    • @Dan Worth whats funny is Trump was a democrat until 2006. But now he is the racist right. Can u see past your own nose

    • @Steve Zrofsky Democrats and republicans are two arms of the same entity. And again moron, I never said he was racist. You just insinuate that because I don’t walk in lockstep with your petulant self righteous world view.

    • @Dan Worth your argueing both side of the coin. Im advocating for more compititiin within healthcare and politics. To get a better cost, just like more choices for political offices. Your right about the dems and republicans. They were once the same party. The democratic republicans. I want 100 political parties and 1000 insurance companies. Choices. Not one political party to choose from and 1 policy to choose from.

  1. Take all wages in America; take 3.9% of that= that’s what we would lose in income in Medicare taxes. Or Bernie still plans to charge all active workers? Just asking, I haven’t read the manifesto

  2. Marcus, I do think this diabetic groom story is fake gnus.
    Just seems very fishy.
    I am pretty sure they are telling us to not rely on anything we can buy OTC, particularly when the stakes are that high. In fact, I have had people tell me to take an OTC thyroid hormone (bovine thyroid, I think.) I think that is for people who need a boost, not for those who have no way to make thyroid hormone (as we don’t have thyroids.) There have been campaigns, for sure, against the thyroid-boost sort of hormone, against using it in any case (which I think can be wrong, too.) These campaigns are all the same.

  3. The one thing that i agree with Bernie is that the pharmaceutical companies are greedy and corrupt people in Congress won’t do anything to stop this kind of corruption owe isn’t Bernie sanders there

  4. Marcus,
    My career was in Pharma. I’m retired, so I’ll speak freely.

    Gross margins in Branded Pharmaceuticals in the U.S. Market are typically around 95-99%. Granted developing new compounds costs ridiculous amounts of money, 2-3 BILLION DOLLARS in most cases. And for each approved drug there they may be thousands of compounds studied and discarded before drug trials. However the return on an approved medication is astronomical.

    Generics are a little different story, but margins are still quite healthy, 24-50%.

    Frankly many governments in the World negotiate drug price on behalf of their citizens. And more often then not they are rewarded with deep discounts. Is there room for drug prices to be negotiated downward and still maintain the incentive for new drug development in the Pharmaceutical Industry?

    Heck yes.

    • Thank you, this is one topic no one wants to talk about when it comes to Universal Healthcare, how are we going to maintain the Medical research and development budgets.

      Bernie likes to point to Canada as having great Healthcare, BUT does he ever mention the Canadian Medical Research and Development Budget?
      Not to mention that the Fraser Institutes study on Canadian heath care, does NOT paint as Rosie a picture as Bernie does.
      For example, they state the average wait time for an MRI in Canada is 18 weeks.

      That said, you’re making an important point, why are we selling the products of our research and development to foreign countries at lower prices than we pay?
      Perhaps charging other countries higher prices is a way to help fund our R&D budget?

  5. They do not care, they would rather see you dead.
    In reading the first draft of the new health care bill I found a part that SAID doctors are to get a money kick back for NOT taking care of the old, to save medicare MONEY.
    So they really want the you DEAD.

  6. I don’t get this insulin story… generics are regulated just as are branded pharmaceuticals. Efficacy should be equivalent.
    What I would question is whether the medication was kept refrigerated, miss-handled or even possibly tampered with. There have been cases of tampering with expensive liquid medications through dilution by unethical pharmacists. Several years ago there was a pharmacist arrested for dilution of oncology IV medication.

  7. The government should pay for healthcare if they are going to assault our bodies with bio weapons, bio-electromagnetic weapons, electromagnetic weapons, radiation, chemical weapons, RF weapons, ELF weapons, etc. Additionally, the government has no right to assault Americans with any weapons. Trump is basically a terrorist because he’s attacking and assaulting Americans with these weapons.

  8. If they eventually try medicare for all, the government may need to subsidize locally grown healthy food and sin tax unhealthy products. Many Americans don’t eat healthy or exercise.

    • Jeremy Lee not quite that black and white anymore. There are now synthetic insulin like compounds which are much more effective for some people than the old generic insulin’s which there are two types of NPH* and Regular*. Drugs like Victoza* and Soliqua* act very different from plain old insulin. They are also much more expensive.

  9. the USA healthcare is cruel & inhumane… here in Australia we have universal health care and while its good but there are EXTREME bad sides to it also… for example there are “death Panels” that do exist in universal health care and they decide if you can get a x-ray or MRI, if you get the x-ray you die because x-rays don’t pick up cancer until it is a mass and is killing you, only MRI can catch cancer before it takes hold and becomes a mass…

    here in aust you never get the MRI… they go cheap and you always get the x-ray…

    but for minor health issues we have it great here… you fracture your foot, you get FREE care, you need an operation you get FREE care… etc… I know a guy in USA who got a hairline fracture on his foot, he couldn’t afford the $4,000 for the foot cast as at the time he was in college working 3 p/t jobs and didn’t have insurance, as a result his foot fracture had to heal on its own, so now as a result he can no longer enjoy running, playing sports etc… but here in Aust he would have been taken care of….

  10. I have Asma or so im told i take half doses i was told by a nurse that cases of Asma has tripled in the last few years i never had it till a year ago im 56 If i didnt have insurance id cost me 300 dollars a month such a sad story way to talk about real news you rock marcus

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