Patients Suffer Sticker Shock from Medicare loophole

Jim Angle reports from Washington
Credit:Fox News
Fox News:

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Patients Suffer Sticker Shock from Medicare loophole

6 thoughts on “Patients Suffer Sticker Shock from Medicare loophole

  1. This is not an issue if you have a private Medicare Advantage plan – the kind Obamacare is out to destroy.  One more reason to question the “affordability” of the president’s signature legislation.

    • Amen that you understand this.  Many Medicare insurance agents only want to sell supplements due to higher commissions, less annual testing, less regulations, and easier customer service.  I have been in this industry for 11 years and there is a hardcore fight between Med supp only agents versus agents that offer all types of Medicare insurance.  The Med supp only agents love to lie and scare people away from Medicare Advantage because they can’t or don’t want to sell these policies.  In 2017 more beneficiaries have MA plans than do supplements.  The government is also trying to destroy HSA/MSA plans since these types of insurance plans solve many consumer complaints about the insurance industry:  the insurance denied my claim.  HSA/MSA plans under the ACA don’t count as creditable coverage for the individual mandate and the government applies the penalty if you have a HSA/MSA plan.  The ultimate goal from the government is to destroy private health insurance so the government can institute socialized healthcare.  The government is 3x worse at denying claims than private insurance carriers are.

    • United Healthcare Medicare Complete and Humana’s various Medicare Advantage plans both wave the 3 midnight rule.  I know there are some smaller MA plans with lesser named companies, but as an agent you should be aware of this problem and whether the plans you sell will waive this requirement or not.

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