Original Medicare or Medicare Advantage in Florida

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A Fun and informative Guide to Medicare Insurance and Medicare HMOs in Florida.
This is an easy to understand guide about a complex and often confusing subject. This video makes understanding how Medicare A and B work and what your Medicare Options are easy.

Once you enroll in Original Medicare A and B you should enroll in additional plans to supplement your medical coverage and give you prescription drug coverage. There are 2 Options:

Option 1 is to add a Medicare Supplement plan with a separate drug plan. Medicare Supplement plans have a monthly premium. An additional drug plan also has a monthly premium.

Option 2 is to enroll in a Medicare Advantage plan with or without Prescription Drug coverage. Medicare Advantage plans are commonly known as HMOs and PPOs, They include extra benefits not covered by Original Medicare.

The extra benefits include dental, vision, hearing and gym memberships., over the counter pharmacy benefits, transportation, etc.

This guide shows you some of an HMOs rules. You will need to follow them in order to use their medical and prescription drug benefits.

Would a Medicare HMO give you better coverage with lower costs than Original Medicare. A fun guide to how Original Medicare A and B work vs how a Medicare HMO works. This video will help you decide.

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