Nurses Fight for Medicare for All (w/Deborah Burger)

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Nurses are fighting to make Medicare for all a reality.

Deborah Burger the co-president of National Nurses United and president of the California Nurses Association, joins the program to discuss the push for Medicare for all.

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Nurses Fight for Medicare for All (w/Deborah Burger)


15 thoughts on “Nurses Fight for Medicare for All (w/Deborah Burger)

  1. Not only should nurses “fight for Medicare for all,”…economists…any NOT LIBERTARIAN…should also fight for Medicare for all.

    Based on THIS fact… a study SPONSORED by the Koch brothers, no less!!:

    Koch-backed study finds ‘Medicare for All’ would save U.S. trillions
    An estimated cost of $32.6 trillion over 10 years is less than the US would spend over the next 10 years under the current system.

    HMMMM…”Socialized Medicine”?

    In fact, ALL politicians…claiming to “represent the people,” and who WHINE about the “deficit and the debt,” ALL OF THEM…(hear this you corrupt Republican SHILLS…and you lackey wanna-be corporate Dems?)….

    Why would a politician NOT EVERY DAY..whine and moan about NOT saving 32 TRILLION in ten years…and provide HEALTH CARE for everyone..?

    WTF?…WE ALL (working-class folks)…KNOW why!!
    REMOVE these corporate, plutocratic…sucking,… politico…LACKEYS.

    • +i l I mean the hardest fight is against the conservative democrats. The don’t want to change anything. Republicans might not even be an issue that much longer.

    • +Umberto Eco Demographics are against them. GOP is the party of old white racists. As we get less old and white, we also get less racist. I don’t see them even being a viable party in 15 or 20 years. Not that they’ll go out without doing as much damage as they can. But it will be the conservative end of the Democrats that will block any meaningful change. Listen to Pelosi’s language lately.

    • If I’m understanding you, you’re right, it’s the corporate Dems and the monied insurance companies. Most doctors also want Medicare For All, and they better speak up loudly!

  2. Of course most nurses would want government run medical care. Look at the benefits of having a guaranteed lifetime job with no chance for dismissal working for the government as opposed to a privately owned hospital or clinic.

    • What I hear now is that she has made improvements. I hope to see the whole bill soon. I’ll be pressuring my Rep and senators to co-sign!

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