8 thoughts on “New scam targeting Medicare users

    • Don’t tell me. Let me guess. English isn’t your primary language. Your grammar is horrible. @Ovais Arain

  1. Sign your parents up with a bot service like “Jolly Roger Telephone Co”.
    $12 a year will keep your parents from dealing with scammers, and provides some cathartic revenge against these people who are praying on the vulnerable. Do a quick youtube search to hear a bot upsetting the scammers for once.

  2. These low life’s tried this scam on my elderly mother that is home bound. She called me scared to death she was going to jail. I was hot. So I have been redirecting all her calls to my phone. It’s funny when I answer the phone and they get me and the “Department of investigation” . No government agency will call and threaten you with arrest or ask for personal information over the phone.

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