Nancy Pelosi slams ‘Medicare-for-all’

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Heritage Foundation senior writer Kelsey Bolar weighs in on government run health care.

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Nancy Pelosi slams ‘Medicare-for-all’


47 thoughts on “Nancy Pelosi slams ‘Medicare-for-all’

    • +Natural Man Have you ever listened. I am on Medicare and I am not impressed. Guess what dude at age 65 YOU’RE STUCK! The only opportunity you have to improve on your care is to purchase supplemental insurance through the private sector.

    • +tuco james nah. My employer provides it. And my employer is paying my tuition as long as I work for them. Easy gig

    • +Aaron Vallejo If this is how you feel why don’t you immigrate to a place that provides them rather than impose them on those of us who don’t. More people immigrate to this country than any other. That includes countries that impose these things on their citizens. A SOCIALIST IS SOMEBODY WHO WANTS THE GOVERNMENT TO GIVE THEM SOMETHING AT SOMEONE ELSE’S EXPENSE.

    • +Aaron Vallejo Anything administered by the government saves no one anything. Ultimately it may cost Aaron less but someone else will pick up the slack. When someone gets a subsidy someone else pays for it. YOU WILL NEVER GET MONEY OUT OF POLITICS…NOT EVEN WITH A DICTATOR !

    • Richard Huzzey, It seems like the US really needs some good leadership and a great strategy…the White House is in chaos…the US is $22 trillion in debt! And Trump deepened it by $2 trillion with tax cuts to the 1% and now wants to deepened it further with the largest budget even in history growing the bloated military even more. This is crazy. A great strategy would be to grow the economy and revenue while shrinking spending and paying off debt. 1. Breaking up the banks would increase financial stability. 2. Eliminating political “dark money” would restore democracy and accountability. 3. Medicare for All would save the US $5 trillion over ten years. 4. Scaling up to 100% renewables would stimulate rural industrial jobs everywhere eliminating air pollution, imported energy, raising county revenues and lowering electricity bills. 5. Halving the military budget would enable the US to pay 350 billion annually on the federal interest and principle.

  1. Now the democraps start backtracking after all the bs they’ve put American people through. This POS don’t need to be in office anymore than AOC.

  2. This is what they do. Just because she said she is against it doesn’t mean right after elections she will change her mind then be for it.. Can’t trust dems.. They always lie before elections but never fulfill promises. With President Trump. Promises made are promises kept ! Trump 2020

  3. And the moment you put them into office, then flip 180 and do the opposite. They are just pandering to win in 2020. They’re going to ignore the people that voted for them, and do what they want. They just deceive. That is just what a democrat does.

  4. Time Congress gets same health insurance that Americans get.
    They might think they are Kings and Queens
    but they are public servants,they forget that.

  5. They’re only backing off now because they’re revving up for 2020 and they know majority of Americans hate these proposals. If a Democrat were to be elected President, they’d bring it all back. Never trust these people. This is what they do.

    • How you going to say that Medicare for all 85% of Democrats want it I’m talking about regular people and 65% of Republicans want it regular people the only people don’t want it are insurance companies that make billions off of not paying for your medical when you need it Bernie 2020

  6. Speaker Pelosi is simply doing this in order to regain some semblance of control in the House. Her party is fracturing and she wants to pull in the reins before it officially fissures. I hate to break it to her but it’s already there.

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