Medicare & You: Overview of Appeals

Get a general overview about appeals if you have Medicare.

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Medicare & You: Overview of Appeals

One thought on “Medicare & You: Overview of Appeals

  1. I have been informed that my part “B” coverage has not been financially
    up-to-date. I put all of my part b coverage toward health care;
    additionally, I pay through my retirement benefits some $300. and some
    dollars from my retirement funds. Since I’ve not reveived regular
    communications from you, I was surprised to receive a letter stating that I
    owed monies for my part b coverage. When I received the first letter, about
    four years ago, that back payments were due, I contacted the La Mesa, CA
    branch of social security and was told it was a mistake – that I was being
    taxed twice. Next I received a letter( last month) telling me that I owed a
    large back payment and that my benefits would be “cut off” if I didn’t pay
    an amount over one thousand dollars. I again came into the office and paid
    what I had $50.00 dollars – that in October – and wanted to pay again in
    November as part of a payback plan, but I never received from you a receipt
    that I’d made that payment. I want to work with you to set up a payment
    plan, but no one has gotten back to me. Can you help?

    Charles Thompson 565-56-4585

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