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All that said, as I make this video in late March of 2020 there are two new developments that will likely increase the value of Medicare supplement Plan N.
First, is a big change by Mayo clinic and their Florida facility. For people in Florida one of the drawbacks of a Medicare supplement Plan N has been that Mayo Clinic in Florida has charged a Medicare Part B excess charge.
Many people view Mayo Clinic as one of the nation’s top cancer treatment facilities, especially for blood cancers. Unfortunately, the Mayo Clinic in Florida charged an excess charge for many outpatient services. . That would leave the Medicare Plan N policy holder liable for the extra 15% billed on most outpatient services.
The good news is that Mayo Clinic in Florida no longer charges an excess charge. They now accept Medicare assigned rates.
The only state where Mayo Clinic still charges an excess charge is in their Arizona facility.
This news is big news on several levels. Obviously, it’s big for Florida residents and those in nearby states who might wish to travel to the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville Florida for treatment. But it goes beyond that. It is an important part of a growing trend.

A couple days ago, mid-March of 2020, the US Government announced an unprecedented expansion of telehealth services for Medicare. This will impact both those on a Medicare Advantage Plans as well as those with Medicare supplement Plans.

The first part is that telehealth is very likely to see a permanent boost in its availability and usage from this event. The government is putting a lot of many in to making telehealth meetings more available. Doctors and other healthcare professionals are “breaking the ice” starting to use telehealth meetings out of necessity…… and will find it easier to manage than they expected.
And, of course, it is a very efficient way of working with patients that have any infectious disease. It keeps the healthcare workers safe while providing meaningful convenience for the ill they no longer need to get in their cars and drive to an office to wait for an appointment to see a healthcare professional
As a result of this virus and the government response, we are likely to see a lot more telehealth in the years ahead.

But how does this impact Medicare supplement Plan N policy holders specifically?
As you likely already know, one of the drawbacks, minor drawbacks of a Medicare supplement Plan N is that there is a co-pay of up-to $20 per office visit. These are visit with a doctor or nurse practitioner for diagnosis, evaluation and management. There is no copay for physical therapy or lab work etc. Just doctor visits.

There is also no copay for telehealth doctor visits. Let me repeat that. There is no copay for telehealth doctor visits.

So there you have it. As telehealth becomes more mainstream in usage it offers the Medicare supplement Plan N policy holder a way to visit a doctor for evaluation, diagnosis and management WITHOUT a copay.

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Medicare Supplement Plan N 2020 – Big News Mayo Clinic


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