Medicare Supplement Plan F Changes in 2020 – Steve Savant’s Money – Part 4 of 5

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Sub Headline: Big Changes Coming to Plan F That Could Affect Your Coverage

Synopsis: Plan F, one of the most popular Medicare supplement plans on the market will be going through major changes in 2020. It’s all about the deductible in the new updated plans for new enrollees. Watch the interview entitled Medicare Supplement Plan F Changes in 2020 part 4 in the series Medicare Supplement & Drug Plans with author, speaker and nationally recognized Medicare expert attorney Sylvia Gordon with talk show host, syndicated financial columnist and popular platform speaker, Steve Savant.

Content: For over fifty years, Medigap Plan F was the insurance supplement for coverage that Medicare part B doesn’t indemnify. For those seniors who have Plan F, they can continue to purchase its coverage. But for new retirees turning age 65 after January 1, 2020 Plan F will no longer be available. Plan F was known as the “Cadillac Plan” of supplemental insurance because of its comprehensive coverage and no deductible, no co-pay and no co-insurance.

After 2020, seniors new to Medicare will more than likely purchase supplemental Plan G, which will be the most comprehensive plan with a deductible. Plan G doesn’t have medical requirements whereas Plan N has health qualifications.

Medicare part B premiums are tied to legislation and have historically experienced slight increases over the years. Plans F, G and N experience annual increase calculated by individual insurance company claims and medical inflation.

Using an experienced Medicare agent could assist you in selecting the best supplemental insurance plan for you and your spouse so you can manage medical cost containment in retirement. Keep in mind that whether you purchase your Medigap plan online or through an agent the premiums are the same.

Vetting your Medicare agent is a bit easier online through their web sites, articles and LinkedIn bio. There are also independent marketing organizations that have quality representatives with access to the inventory of medigap products.

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Medicare Supplement Plan F Changes in 2020 – Steve Savant’s Money – Part 4 of 5


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4 thoughts on “Medicare Supplement Plan F Changes in 2020 – Steve Savant’s Money – Part 4 of 5

  1. The Plan F has the highest claims ratio of all plans. It is the MOST expensive plan and increases at a higher % than any other plan!
    The difference in coverage from G to F compared to its price, makes it so it makes NO sense for ANYONE to stay on a plan F, unless they are not healthy enough to switch.
    G beats F 10/10 times

  2. if you are putting people in an insurance company that increases people’s premiums by 7%, you are doing something WRONG.

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