Medicare Supplement Leads – Review

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Best Medicare Supplement Leads Money Can Buy? Where can YOU find the best Medigap leads? The fact is that the best lead is one that where YOU control the quality, the quantity, the legitimacy of the lead.

Is it too much trouble to actually control the incoming prospects into your MARKETING business? No, it is a huge facet of any business, to control its marketing. In this, or any other MARKETING business, this is something best to NOT to pursue blindly with a credit card in your hand.

It is WORTH learning about marketing. It is WORTH testing different approaches until you find the one that fits you the best. It is worth attending conferences, networking with other agents, researching ongoing trends in lead generation so that YOU can cut out the "middle man" and do it yourself. Imagine, if your leads are marked up 100%, which is really around 500%, but if they were just marked up 100% and you continued to rely on that lead generation method for a 20 year career.

Much much have you lost in 20 years where you could have merely decided to invest once in the knowledge to do it yourself and reap the rewards month after month, year after year. Cut out the "middle man". Do it yourself.

Medicare Supplement Leads – Review


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17 thoughts on “Medicare Supplement Leads – Review

  1. Luv ya man… You’re spot. As a Life/CI/DI brokerage, I say the same thing to agents who reach out to us. “LEADS??? Why you need stinkin’ leads? Do you want to stay a beggar, or do you want to learn to hunt for yourself?” I don’t do a lot of MedSup (I’m the dumb one), but when i do, I only run my business through M.A.T.

    • Amen. We’re not in the “insurance” business. If we want to be successful and provide for our families and those we care about, we must become MARKETERS of … whatever (insurance in our chosen case).

  2. I have worked in call centers for a few years and I have my licensed and I just want to get started. I don’t have a thousand to invest in buying a telemarketer. What’s a best practice on just getting started?

  3. Exactly! I had this same conversation with a fellow agent before I even signed up for your site. If someone else is generating leads online or on Facebook, skip the middle man and do it yourself.

  4. Chris, there is NO commission coming out of the client’s pocket for them to go through an agent for RX coverage…..where does this idea come from? If a RX plan is $28.50 a month – it is $28.50 a month whether they purchase that through an agent (with help and comparisons so they know they are getting the best plan for themselves) or if they go direct to the carrier or hit enroll on…it is stillll $28.50. There is NO additional cost to the client. None!

  5. I think one of the most important reasons to generate your own leads is to have control of your business. An old insurance mentor told me 12 years ago that if you’re dependant on a lead vender they can put you out of business at anytime. They can stop selling you leads and you’re out of business.

  6. You are both encouraging an discouraging. Sometimes when I watch one of your videos, I think “this is the greatest business ever.” Other times I watch one and think “Jeez, this seems like the most monumental pain ever.”

  7. That zoom @ 0:58 …things about to get serious!

    You hit it on the head, bro. I may not be where I want to be, but the goal is to be self sufficient, skilled, sustainable, and productive in all areas of lead generation, selling Life & Health products, PROPERLY mentoring newer agents, being mentored by agents further down the line than you are.

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