Medicare Supplement 2019 Buying Tips Plan G and Plan N

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I will show you how to be a smart consumer when shopping for a Medicare supplement plan.

When you go on Medicare and you have decided that a Medicare Supplement Pan is the one you want, what is the best way to get the best plan at the best price. In 2018 the best Medicare Supplement plan is hard to find. Don’t be like the majority of retirees that select a plan from a mailing. Don’t make a mistake that could cost you dearly down the road.

• Do you buy one direct from the insurance company?
• Do you buy one from an internet broker?
• Do you call a local agent?

In this video I will show you how to select the best Medicare Supplement plan in 2018. Medicare Supplements are expensive and will only get more expensive the longer you keep it. In this video I will show you how to buy a Medicare Supplement that will not cost you dearly down the road.

Medicare Supplement Plan G is the best supplement for the consumer today and getting the best company at the best price will depend on how you buy that plan. Many retirees will buy direct form the company. Please, for your financial health please do not do this. You will see in this video that when prices increase down the road the company you are in will never call you about the cost of your insurance. A good broker will do that for you.

If you decide to buy from an internet broker, make sure you are buying form a broker that will look out for your best interests in the future. I’m an internet broker and what I will do is every year on your policy anniversary I will check what your cost is compared what a different company would charge you for the same plan. There will come a time when I will be able to save you hundreds of dollars on the cost of your insurance.

Go to this link to get a quote of all the companies in your area, or call me at 1-800-275-1844.

Medicare Supplement 2019 Buying Tips Plan G and Plan N


10 thoughts on “Medicare Supplement 2019 Buying Tips Plan G and Plan N

  1. I know you’re in Illinois, but since you’re not just local I’m going to call you tomorrow. It’s 1:30 am here. 🙂 Thanks!

  2. Thank you, very informative. I understand the small private broker is a best choice. But how to recognize the good experienced, dedicated to work one? By what criteria you would suggest the pick up the good one among many advertised themselves on internet and during the interview?

    • This is one of the most important decisions when selecting a Medicare Supplement. A good broker will save you thousands of dollars over your life time. How should you select one. First, your right a small independent broker will work for you. You want one who is free to make their own decisions on which companies they represent. Ask them who they work for. I tell everyone, I work for you not the insurance companies and down the road I guarantee that at some point I will call you to recommend we move to a different company. Rates go up every year and when I can save you some money with the same coverage at a lower cost I will call you. Will that broker stay with you year after year? Will they call you when things change that will impact your rate? It’s all about watching over you and making sure you have the best coverage at the lowest price. Your question is a good one and I think in the next week I will do a video on just this topic. If you have any questions please call my direct line at 800 275 1844.

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