8 thoughts on “Medicare Sign Up – How and Where to Sign Up for Medicare

  1. I was searching for Medicare information prior to my 65th birthday and found Keith on Google search for Medicare. This was the best in that happened for me. Julia Jones called me and explained everything slowly and clearly. Julia helped me greatly and she follows up on new information and is always looking into the best programs for me. I have recommended Julia for my friends every chance I get and I recommend and trust her very much. You will be very happy dealing with this firm.

    Sean Farrell

  2. Hi Keith, love the videos! Medicare is a confusing process and these clear up a lot of issues for me. Also I’ve called your number and spoke with Julia Jones. Looks like I had a similar experience as Sean Farrell below. She’s amazing!

  3. I turn 65 in three months but still plan on working another year or two. My coworker gave me Keith’s card and I’m so glad he did. Such a valuable website!

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