Medicare Set Asides

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If you have a settlement from a workers' compensation or personal injury lawsuit, and if you have Medicare (or expect to be eligible within 18 months), you should be aware of a new legal concept called "Medicare Set-Asides." This requires people to set aside a certain amount of money from their settlement funds, to be used for the purpose of paying for future medical treatment.

Medicare Set-Asides are complex, and if calculated improperly, can be costly. The best way to navigate these complicated legal waters is to have an experienced lawyer at your side. In this video, David Henson, managing partner of HensonFuerst Attorneys, discusses the details of Medicare Set-Asides, and why you need to be mindful of them.

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Medicare Set Asides


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  1. nice video – I was injured in MVA while working – WC wants to settle and would be reqrd to have a MSA since I am on SSDI – WHat happens if you have an MSA and then no longer qualify for MEdicare??  also what id MSA want enought?  Seems the Gapadv plans wont touch you once youve had a work injury

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