Medicare Plan F and C Ending?

So, are plans F and C really ending in 2020? Well kinda. The government is eliminating all plans with first dollar coverage so that they can free up money for their 200 million dollar dot fix legislation. And because plans F and C are the only two medicare supplement plans that offer first dollar coverage they are most likely going away in January of 2020 unless something changes with legislation. And when I say they are going away I mean that new enrollees to medicare will not be able to participate in these plans. This has happened in the past with plans E,H,I, and J being discontinued. Current medigap plan F and C policyholders that enrolled in there plans before 2020 are grandfathered in and can stay on their plans as long as the like. But do they really want to?

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Medicare Plan F and Plan C Ending

Medicare Supplement Plans F and C Ending?

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