Medicare Parts A & B Explained

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In this video we detail Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B for those new to Medicare or soon to be 65.

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Most insurance agents simply explain that Medicare Part A is your inpatient hospital coverage and Medicare Part B is outpatient coverage. While that is technically true, it ignores the potential pitfalls and surprises are in the details of the plans. Part A operates very differently that Part B. It’s in these details that Part A is misunderstood and can lead to surprises and significant unexpected health costs for the Medicare beneficiary.

Medicare Part A offers health insurance coverage in time units called “Benefit Periods”. A benefit period begins the day you are admitted as an inpatient in a hospital. The benefit period ends when you have not been an inpatient in either a hospital or skilled nursing facility for 60 consecutive days. You can have an unlimited number of benefits periods. Note: your skilled nursing benefits only take effect after you have a qualifying hospital stay (i.e. an admitted inpatient for 3-days)

Your Part A hospital coverage after you pay the deductible is:

1-60 days 100%
61-90 days patient pays $315 / day co-pay up to $9,450
91-150 days patient pays $630 / day co-pay up to $37,800
151 days or more not covered

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