Medicare News 3 13 20 COVID-19 (Coronavirus), Medicare, and Ohio Insurance

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I talk about some bulletins that have recently come up. One by Medicare informing people how claims for COVID-19 will be treated. One by the Ohio Department of Insurance instructing insurance companies how they are expected to treat their policyholders regarding this crisis. And a random one by a Medicare Advantage company which highlights how Medicare Advantage companies in general are treating payments related to COVID-19.
Here's the link to the Medicare page regarding Coronavirus:
And a link to Medicare's info about testing charges related to Coronavirus from Medicare:
Here's a link to the Ohio Department of Insurance Bulletin I read on how insurance companies are expected to treat coverage of the Coronavirus:

And lastly, here is a link to the main page on the CDC website about latest updates and advisories on the Coronavirus/COVID-19. If you follow this closely, I suggest you bookmark this page and check it often:

Please forgive the roughness of this vid. I was more interested in getting this up than polishing it.

Medicare News 3 13 20 COVID-19 (Coronavirus), Medicare, and Ohio Insurance


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