Medicare – John F. Kennedy vs Ronald Reagan

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Does Medicare = Socialized Medicine? – John F. Kennedy vs Ronald Reagan

The documentary Donald Trump suppressed –
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– ART OF DECEPTION – Pseudo of the United States

This video contains segments of Ronald Reagan's 1961 audio LP recording made for the American Medical Association's "Operation Coffee Cup," which was a campaign against proposed senior citizen healthcare legislation called Medicare. This video also contains segments of President John F. Kennedy speaking of the real need for Medicare senior citizen health insurance.

"Operation Coffee Cup:
1962: AMA, Congress Members Battle Medicare Proposal –

"Operation Coffeecup": Reagan, the AMA, And the First 'Viral Marketing' Campaign … Against Medicare –

– Heist: Who Stole the American Dream? (The Powell Memorandum 1971)

Medicare – John F. Kennedy vs Ronald Reagan


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