Medicare For All Won’t Destroy America – But It’ll Hurt Corporate Profits

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The growing chorus of voices telling us that the “evils” of socialism are coming to America as more and more candidates are pushing for medicare for all-styled medical coverage for American citizens is absurd. We’re being told that such a plan could destroy the country but what they really mean is that it will severely hurt corporate profits. Sick people are big business for both insurance and healthcare companies, and giving them better coverage could reduce the profits of these financial behemoths. Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins discusses this.
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If you've been paying attention to any of the Conservative or Right Wing, and even establishment Democrat talking heads recently, then you are probably aware of the fact that socialism is creeping into the United States, and that this country is essentially screwed because of it.

Now, of course, none of that is true. We're not screwed. Socialism is not creeping up here in the United States, though it should be. We just have a few politicians out there right now who are saying those radical things like, "Hey, maybe we should have Medicare for all, for citizens of the United States. Maybe a public option that people could buy into, rather than going to a private health insurance company that's going to rip them off, or deny them coverage based on preexisting conditions." That, according to these wealthy elite, is the socialism that's coming to the United States. And here's the thing.

Meghan McCain on The View, is one of the leading voices of this anti-socialism movement. She got all up in arms last week because she was furious about the fact that her grandkids, her kids may end up having to grow up in a world where everybody is entitled to healthcare. How horrible would that be for a man whose father can't even remember how many homes he owns? I'm sure we all remember that from the 2008 presidential primaries and debates.

John McCain didn't know how many houses he had. He's so damn rich, he doesn't know. And the same is true for people like Meghan McCain, born into this obscene amount of wealth so they have no concept of reality anymore. All she knows is that she wants to deny everybody else the same privileges that she has had since the day she was born because her mother has a ton of money.

Socialism does need to creep into the United States. But the reason we're hearing all of these scaremongering tactics that it's going to destroy the country, or that it's completely unaffordable, or that it's going to give us worse care, is because corporations want us to think that. The health insurance companies, big pharma, all of those companies have a financial stake in keeping things the way that they are and not improving them.

Because if we were to get a public option, that could open Congress up to be able to negotiate drug prices with pharmaceutical companies. Oh, big pharma doesn't want that. And if we're buying from the government instead of a place like Blue Cross, or Aetna, or any of the other ones, they're going to lose money because they're not going to get our dollars anymore.

And to be honest, employers should be pushing for this kind of plan because it takes the healthcare burden cost off of them and shifts it to the patient, the consumer, the worker, and the government that they're paying into. Seems like a pretty decent trade off to me, right. And yet, here we are, still having to have these discussions about whether or not Medicare for all, universal healthcare, a public option, whatever you want to refer to it as. I know they're all different things, but you hear different things all the time about them. Whatever you want to call it, we're still having to have the discussion about whether or not it's viable.

Medicare For All Won’t Destroy America – But It’ll Hurt Corporate Profits


48 thoughts on “Medicare For All Won’t Destroy America – But It’ll Hurt Corporate Profits

    • They’re no worse than the establishment Democrats. Not unlike the Neoliberals; they, time and time again, lend their unquestioning support to the greed-driven legislation put forth by the curmudgeonous GOP just to line they’re greasy pockets with contributions.

    • Republissians aren’t conservatives, they are authoritarians and fascists who pretend to be conservatives because they know if they show their true colors they will spur non-voters to vote.

  1. And that’s why we’ll never have it. Farron, you talked about McCain’s multiple houses. Well Betsy Devos lost one of her TEN boats the other day….. a 40 million dollar yacht! must have got lost in the swamp.

  2. I’d take med-for-all any day over corporate profits. Quite frankly, their time is up and we’ve had enough of being bled dry, financially and literally.

  3. The Republican motto: If it makes sense for the working class and benefits them, it doesn’t make sense to us or benefit us.

    Remember that when you vote this year.

  4. Maybe we should stop having unsuccessful people like, trump from ever having the opportunity to run for president! Someone with zero political background and, knowledge from actually ever having the chance to become president. I actually looked at it as a joke in the beginning of the debates. I wasn’t alone with my thoughts of, this guy will never win! We have to make different rules/laws when it comes to qualifications of anyone running for president in America! We should have it that way for voters, as well! We would weed out 3/4 this of the ignorance if we just asked them to, recite the National Anthem, America The Beautiful or, Pledge of Allegiance!
    If that alone were a rule, think how Great America would be right now! Trump would’ve failed!

  5. If congress didn’t get free health care for life we’d all have better health care very quickly. As it is now, health care depends on your income, low income= no healthcare.

  6. “It disgusts me to even think about ‘free health care’ they say SJW and ANTIFA are a threat, but the true threat is the socialist loving Commies, because they want to take away the two things we love, money and screwing over people of there lives”

    – Every Republican backed Corporation

    • Erich villagrana. Every democratic country have some socialism like tax funded health care for everybody and tax funded education. These countries have high standard of living, better educated and healthier people tan America. They are highly developed democracies. And try to realize: they are not socialist countries like Venezuela, which is more like a fascist state like America is now with evil, racist, self-serving Trump and the republicans. You are ignorant and misinformed, but you can educate yourself so that you don´t have to go public with your ignorance.

    • It’s not even hard socialism where the working class collectively owns the means of production instead capitalists and the state. It’s just some socialist policies under a capitalist economy, social democracy.

    • To me,fascism on both sides are so scared that the bold, progressive Justice Democrats are going to take over if more of the newer,younger candidates wins. So conservative on both sides need to get over it and move on because I don’t want them in office anymore because they are the main reason that our system is rigged!.

    • Michael J Howard no conservative mean take care yourself do spend money you don’t have. Just like the government does. I’m 52 yr old and it took 52 yr to hit 25 trillion dollars that the government owes. What you think it will be 50 yrs from now. So better hope conservative fix it or we all be living in the streets 20 yrs from now

  7. I’ve been on private health insurance, I’m on Medicare right now, and Medicare is far better than private insurance.

  8. But if we have universal healthcare how will we build a wall or fund more PMC’s. Not to mention it might hurt the pres’ golf budget.

  9. health care is privatized that means it’s for profit . so there donor’s can sit back collect easy money. while they over price everything to meet there donor’s demand while they put the cost on the American People . Same with Big Pharma .

  10. Socialism is a dirty word to most Americans. The fact is that no economy or society is totally Socialist. It’s amazing to me that you lot haven’t managed to form a society that is capable of taking care of those most in need. Heartless.

    • They think if you can’t work, die. if you’re not white die. Its every man and his bootstraps for himself and his. Merica!, and so on and so forth. Its rather barbaric actually.

  11. They are using the term “socialism” as trigger word b/c of the mispercieved conceptions of what it is. I once went to a doctor who was against the ACA b/c she said it is “socialism” and therefore wrong. These is a person who is smart, but at the same time, didn’t recognize her level of cruelty by believing that healthcare should remain commoditized…i.e. only accessible to those who can afford it. We cannot be worried about those who don’t know what is Socislism. Just push for universal healthcare, save the economy and stop creating more debt with endless wars and elite tax breaks that our nation cannot afford. Invest in the people efficiently and effectively. It is economically wise and fiscally responsible.

  12. Whenever I hear a politician talking I research and I watched Megan McCain and I thought her head was going to pop off and she got really loud. I’m tired of hearing from people that has a vested interest in the status quo telling us where our tax dollars should go.We have other western and third world countries that have health care for all and the riches country in the world can’t afford it, but we give tax breaks to the rich, over financing of the military. Just to make it clear about socialism, no country runs on one ideology, never have. One ideology may dominate, but nothing as complicated as a country can survive on one idea fits all. In America we have had socialism for a long time and no one really stop to realize it, police, fireman, state supported hospitals for the uninsured or low income cases, social security, the school system, so their is nothing for the little man to fear. The problem is we’re their cash cow, the American people collectively rake in trillions of dollars for insurance companies, Pharmaceutical companies. Imagine the revue they collect yearly, but don’t fool yourselves even if we had health care for all, these companies will still be profitable, it just plain greed that rules the day. Went from finically well off to millionaire from millionaire to billionaire, what’s next zillionaire or has this already happened? I heard one guy was so rich that it couldn’t be calculated, that’s fine, but don’t tell the actual tax payer what he or she needs or don’t needs.

    • When I work into hospital, there is only one feeling, this is the most profitable business in the world. U.S. healthcare is the most corrupted system in the world. It’s slow and costly. And who can afford those life-saving medication? All these are suppose to be taken care of by the government. And the most upset thing is that people are buying into it. They are willing to pay Tax for those rich people but not to generate better life for all individuals.

    • Kevin M, the republicans voters made their politicians corrupt by not demanding the things they wanted to live and mindlessly believing everything they say.

    • Simon ‘s Amen to that! Big pharma pays every Republican and establishment Democrat to not touch the Healthcare system. They keep money flowing into their pockets.. When a US Congress person is worth over $90 million how on earth can they fight for it’s citizens? They are so far removed from us that they cannot possibly know what is best for us because they don’t listen.

    • Swnsasy, my vote will go to the persons who doesn’t take big company money. This is the only way we can get our government back working for the good of the country.

    • andrew Grove. Exactly, good comment! Isn´t that strange? They are truly stupid, dumb and don´t understand their own best.

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