Medicare Explained: Who’s Eligible for Medicare?

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Who is eligible for Medicare? and when someone can enroll into Medicare. This will include people who are turning 65 and people who have been disabled for 24 months or more. Additional we will cover when Medicare may need to be applied for manually in the case of people who are retiring later or who are losing insurance through their work. Before we do that, we at Carelifornia know health insurance. Weather it is a Medicare health plan, Medigap coverage, or Medi-Cal / Medicaid or private health insurance we know health insurance and we are here to help. If you have questions specifically about what insurance is best for you or already have a Medicare plan but want some help reviewing your current options please leave a comment or question below and we will make a new video or post as soon as possible. Also, if you like this video please do not forget to like and subscribe, so you can get updates when our newest and most informative videos become available.

What is Medicare?
Medicare is a health insurance for:
Someone over 65 years old
· Younger people on disability for more than 24 months
· A person who has ESRD
· It has two parts Part A and Part B
What is covered:
· Part A covers Hospitalization
· Part B covers Medical or doctors’ visits
What it is not covered:
· 100% of your medical services
· Does not cover most prescription drugs
· Dental, Vision or Hearing aids
· Is not free
· Different from Medi-Cal which is based on income

Who is eligible for Medicare:
Most common eligibility is by age
· Turning 65
· Must have paid into Medicare for no cost Part A
· Free part A if worked 40 quarters and paid into Medicare fund
· Part B has a monthly cost of $144 a month
· Not based on income, unless your income is higher,may pay more
· Has different eligibility age from Social security which is (62 – 70)
· May be eligible for Medicare based on spouses work years
· Qualified based on 24 months (2 years) of disability

When can you get enrolled into Medicare?
· 65 years old
· Usually automatically enrolled 3 months before birthday.
· Does not matter actual day of birth only month of birth
· 7 month initial enrollment period= 3 months before birthday money + birthday month + 3 months after birthday.
· If working and have not applied for social security may not get automatically enrolled
· Disabled people will usually get card 3 months before their 24th month of disability
· OEP / GEP If missed initial enrollment period can apply during the Medicare OEP which is January-March every year
· Coverage will start in July of the same year.
· Can be done in person or online if your Social Security offices are closed

Apply for Medicare online:

Thank you so much for watching, if you have questions about your Medicare or Medicare health plan options please feel free to contact us and we can make a new post or video to cover your questions. We here at California know health insurance weather it is private health insurance, Medicare, Medicaid / Medi-Cal, Medigap or health insurance for your small business. It can be very confusing coming from your work insurance and trying to look at options on the private market or turning 65 and trying to figure out which Medicare option is best for you. That is exactly what we can do, we can walk you through your options and help you find the plans that fits your needs and your budget.

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Medicare Explained: Who's Eligible for Medicare?


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