Medicare Dental Coverage for Seniors! FILLING You In On What’s Included & How To Get It! 🦷

In this informative video, Marvin Musick discusses Medicare dental coverage, its benefits, and how to obtain it.

Marvin, the founder of Medicare School, explains that while Medicare provides excellent coverage for hospital visits and surgeries, it is pretty limited regarding dental services. He outlines the few situations where Medicare may cover dental procedures, such as dental services that are an integral part of a covered procedure or in specific medical situations like jaw surgery or oral examinations preceding heart valve replacement or kidney transplant.

To help viewers navigate their options, Marvin presents three ways to obtain dental coverage: self-paying, enrolling in an Advantage plan, or getting a private dental insurance plan. He details the pros and cons of each option, providing helpful tips to help viewers make an informed decision. Marvin emphasizes the importance of being prepared and proactive regarding dental care, as Medicare is unlikely to cover most dental procedures. Whether you are on Medicare or helping a loved one make decisions about dental care, this video is a must-watch for anyone looking to better understand their options for dental coverage.

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Medicare Dental Coverage for Seniors! FILLING You In On What's Included & How To Get It! 🦷

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