Medicare Dental and Vision – Free Benefits??

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| (888) 465-9728. Certain television commercials are advertising "Free Dental and Vision Benefits" for Medicare beneficiaries. Can you really get dental insurance for free? This really depends on what type of Medicare Plan you have, and before you make any changes to your current Medicare plan it's important to know the pros and cons of each choice.
Whether you are interested in a Medicare Supplement Plan with a stand alone dental and vision insurance plan, or a Medicare Advantage Plan with preventative dental and vision coverage built it, I'm happy to review your many Medicare options with you. My service is 100% free of charge, and I look forward to helping you!

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Medicare Dental
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Free Medicare Dental
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Medicare Dental and Vision – Free Benefits??


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2 thoughts on “Medicare Dental and Vision – Free Benefits??

  1. From what i see, Medicare Advantage plans allow the provider to deny needed care that regular Medicare would cover. I wouldn’t touch a Medicare Advantage plan with a ten foot pole.

    • Johnny Bravo you’re right, there have been recent reports in the news regarding Medicare Advantage plans being more likely to deny care, and require appeals…Definitely something to consider!

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