Medicare Charting, Coding, and Billing Tutorial for Chiropractic Practice

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Would you like to see inside how to perform Medicare charting, coding and billing as a chiropractor in the USA in 2017? Watch this video tutorial full of helpful tips! To bring you this tutorial, I collaborated with Bonnie Flom, the founder of Billing Buddies which has 23 years of chiropractic billing experience. Bonnie now offers coaching packages starting at $199 at . Call Bonnie today at 763-546-(BILL) which is 763-546-2455 or email at . If you mention you saw this video, it will help Bonnie understand which of her marketing efforts reached you! Here is the text presented in the video!

Doctor and Biller Guidelines from Medicare LCD

Doctor Guidelines
1) PART Exam or X-Ray
2) Initial Visit
3) Treatment Plan
4) Initial Date of Treatment (IDT)
5) Subluxation and Correspond- ing Symptom, Subluxations
6) Subsequent Visit—Active Treatment or Maintenance
7) Discharge to Maintenance (ABN)

Biller Guidelines
1) Initial Date of Treatment
2) Subluxation and Corresponding Symptom, Subluxations
3) Modifiers (AT , GA, and/or GY)
4) Point DX on Line 24

Finding Your LCD
1) Go to
2) Search—LCD by State
3) Click on Your State and Follow the prompts.

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Medicare Charting, Coding, and Billing Tutorial for Chiropractic Practice


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