Medicare at 65: Is Everyone Required to Sign Up?

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| If you're still working at 65, are you required to sign up for Medicare? In today's video we'll go over who is, and who is not, required to sign up for Part B at 65. If you miss this, the penalties are high!

Medicare at 65: Is Everyone Required to Sign Up?


23 thoughts on “Medicare at 65: Is Everyone Required to Sign Up?

  1. What about the spouse who is married to someone (and both are on company’s insurance) who is employed at a company with more than 20 people?
    And by the way, the spouse is older than the insured employee.
    And what if this employee also contributes to a medical savings account through his company? Is that also considered as both spouses income?

    And btw, thanks always for the great info!

  2. This has been our question. My husband turned 65 a couple of weeks ago. His company has over 20 employees. He called SS and they said he would have 8 mos after he no longer has company insurance to file without penalty. I hope that’s correct.

  3. So confused. I’m over 70 and pay for insurance through my company and have not applied for anything? Why would I be penalized?

    • If you have ‘credible coverage’ through your employer, then no problem. Once you’re ready to retire, you have a 7 month window to enroll. Just be sure you can prove you had CC for the years you didn’t file for MC. (Most employers give those 65+ a letter of verification each year. If not, ask for one.)

  4. I live in the Philippines .i can not use Meficare in the Philippine
    I am not paying for something i cannot use .
    I pay for Philhealth

  5. my wife is a civil service retiree and we both are on her BCBS federal medical insurance. When we go on Medicare at age 65 will this BCBS become our secondary, or suplemental or will we no longer take it? we are currently age 58. Thank you

  6. Stupid video. No refs to stated regulations. I got nothing from you which will enable me to challenge Soc Sec for requiring me to join Medicare when I was the employee of a corp with 2k others. I have been penalized/am being penalized and cvan get nowhere with Soc. Sec.

  7. To take it a step further for veterans on VA (and perhaps this is a separate video you may want to do), if they are happy with staying within the VA system, wouldn’t it be correct to only sign up for Part A, and save the premiums for the other parts?

  8. Medicare requirement didn’t change with the later age to receive social security? So I have to enroll in Medicare & pay for it somehow 1 yr & 4 mths before I get social security?

  9. When i entolled for my SS at the SS office in the US Empassy Manila at Age of 67.
    I was advised the Medicare couldnt be used in the Philippines .
    So i didnt enrole . I am not paying for something that is no good .
    I enroled in Philhealth .

  10. I would like say something not in hate .
    First thing i am an Americsn i worked 30 years in Trsnsportation industry Terminal Manager Not only did i max out my SS i added $20.00 a week to my SS
    I went to work for 2 companies in the middle east in Operation Iraqi freedom i Paid a lot in
    I worked For PWC in Kuwait till 2017
    I paid thousands in ..To that hater i am inttled to my Ss .
    Because I am American citizen . No matter whete i live .

  11. And ferther More The US Empassys have SS Offices in them .
    In fact they set up the bank where the SS is deposited
    I go there move the money to my Joint accout little crazy

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