Medicare Advantage Cuts will cost seniors benefits: testimony

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Shawn Bishop, staffer on Capitol Hill, confirms the CBO analysis that says that $113 billion in cuts to the Medicare Advantage program will result in reduced benefits for its enrollees. Two points to remember:

1. 25% of people on Medicare buy MA plans for the express purpose of gaining better coverage and more benefits;

2. There are an additional $400 billion in proposed "savings" coming at the expense of Medicare in general over 10 years. That represents about 9% of Medicare outlays in that period.


5 thoughts on “Medicare Advantage Cuts will cost seniors benefits: testimony

  1. BULL! Obamacare is about BUYING insurance from PRIVATE insurance companies.
    Medicare Advantage is about seniors have the CHOICE of getting THEIR
    healthcare through these same companies. Under medicare, a person can go
    bankrupt if their healthcare costs are high. Medicare advantage puts a cap
    on the amount the person will spend before the insurance covers the costs
    entirely. Medicare has no such provision. With medicare, you must PURCASE a
    prescription drug plan. With MA the plan is included.

  2. Vision & Dental are EXTRAS in medicare advantage plans & extra premiums are
    paid by insurers to secure these services. Medicare is like going out to
    sea in a leaky boat. You MAY get somewhere if you can row fast enought &
    bail fast enough. Medicare advantage helps control costs for the insured.
    These companies do a BETTER job at administering healthcare than the
    government. Obamacare is based on Buying insurance from these same
    companies. Why would it be thay way if it were not effective.

  3. @09090985 what’s the lie? There will be cuts but not in its equivalent A &
    B parts as required by law, the cuts will be in the extra benefits that go
    beyond traditional medicare such as vision and dental. As you may be aware,
    traditional medicare doesn’t cover vision and dental

  4. he is misleading you,,,,,the cuts just take money from the private
    INSURANCE running advantage now..the govt will run advantage now,,saving

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