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21st Century Health Care Consultants are Medicare, Medicaid and Private Duty Accreditation specialists. We offer a turnkey Medicare Accreditation program. Regardless of the state you are in, our home health care consultants understand the process. Throughout the years we have assisted well over a thousand home health care agencies attain Medicare and private duty accreditation.

Let’s explore some of the Medicare Accreditation requirements for a home health care agency.

The ten patients that are admitted need not be Medicare eligible, but if they are, they must be homebound. One of the ten patients must have more than one discipline. This could be skilled nursing, plus a therapy or home health aide services. Patients admitted may be discharged, but at least seven must be active when the Medicare Accreditation Survey occurs.

Accrediting Body
Medicare Accreditation Surveys will not occur until an agency notifies its Accrediting Body that it has met the prerequisites and is ready for the Medicare Accreditation Inspection.
All Medicare Accreditation Surveys will be unannounced and all will be of three day duration. The Accrediting Body surveyor will seek to determine that Agency staff members have an understanding of the policies and procedures. Each patient chart will be reviewed and five patients will be chosen for visits. The Accrediting Body surveyor will accompany the Agency’s RN on these visits to determine that proper nursing procedures are being followed. The agency office, its personnel files and it policies and procedures will be reviewed.

The survey will have one of four outcomes:

1. You may pass the Medicare Accreditation Survey with no deficiencies in which case you will be Medicare Accredited effective the last day of your Medicare Accreditation Survey.

2. You may have been given a “Medicare Condition Level Deficiency” in which case your Medicare Accreditation will be deferred and you will be re-inspected. You will be given a plan of correction from the Accrediting Body which will note your deficiencies and ask to note how you have corrected them and what steps you haven taken to assure that they will not recur. Once the plan of Correction has been accepted you will be re-surveyed, generally within 30 days. If you receive another condition level deficiency during your second three day inspection or if receive a large number of less serious deficiencies, referred to as “standard level deficiencies” your Medicare accreditation will be denied and you will have to reapply.

3. You may receive only standard level deficiencies during your survey. You will be sent a plan of correction as noted in the above paragraph and if you only had a few deficiencies you will be Medicare Accredited effective the last day of your survey once your plan of correction is accepted.

4. If you received a high number of deficiencies during your Medicare Accreditation Survey, you may be subject to a one day “Focus Visit.” If during this visit it is determined that you have adequately addressed your deficiencies you will be Medicare Accredited effective the last date of the original Medicare Accreditation Survey undertaken by the Accrediting Body.
Once you are Medicare Accredited, you will receive an official letter from your Accrediting Body within 30 to 45 days. You will than wait for CMS to provide you with a Medicare Certification Number and then with a Medicare Billing Number.

Please call us so we can answer any questions that you may have about Medicare accreditation for your agency. Twenty First Century Home Health Care Consultants was originally formed in June 1996, to assist home health care agencies with the Medicare Accreditation process. With our many years of experience, we’ve helped more than 1,500 clients find personal and professional success and satisfaction. Accomplishing our client’s goals along with providing the very best home care consulting program, having in depth resources and the industries only lifetime training and support program are some of the reasons for our client’s success. Our home healthcare agency consultants include a mix of 20 healthcare professionals. This includes former Senior CHAP Accreditation and JCAHO Joint Commission Accreditation site surveyors We are well versed in the difficult process of Medicare Accreditation for home health care and Hospice agencies, helping create or refocus business plans, articulating organizational needs, and the customization of all policy and procedures so that from the startup, your organization is thriving and moving forward. We invite you to join our growing home health care agency Network that consists of over 1,500 leaders in the Home Health Care industry.

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Medicare Accreditation

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