Luxury Homes, Cars and Yachts: How Medicare Fraud & Your Tax Money Are Paying For Them…

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Luxury Homes, Cars and Yachts: How Medicare Fraud & Your Tax Money Are Paying For Them…

58 thoughts on “Luxury Homes, Cars and Yachts: How Medicare Fraud & Your Tax Money Are Paying For Them…

  1. This video is a good summary of the nasty bubble that plagues the US medical system in general. Not just the scammers part either, but $900 dollars for a plastic brace that should have cost around $60 bucks.

    • @Cami Peterson Agreed, people always turn it into a battle between socialism and capitalism as if they’re some sort of opposite of each other. Our democracy was founded with and emphasis of both so that we could reap the benefits of both.
      Socialism allows us to provide free and available education so that anyone can rise above their station (libraries, school). Capitalism is meant to reward those that see a market demand and successfully put forth efforts to help meet that demand.

      Unfortunately politicians have eroded these systems and rigged the game so that we’re now seeing the worst of both. And worse yet, they’ve convinced the American public into thinking with binary mind sets where it’s team blue vs. team red. Currently, both systems are at fault, because both systems have been manipulated to benefit the minority at the majority’s expense. We don’t live in a red/blue or black/white world, people. Healthy amounts of moderation of both systems would work for our country if we could get intellectual yet practical philosophers back into our office, rather than agenda-chasing, lobby-influenced, fund seeking lawyers.

    • Nathan Yes. They want us to believe that we can somehow afford multiple endless wars at once, giving billion dollar corporations corporate welfare and tax breaks, bailing out banks and Wall Street, but we can’t afford to have any actual Progressive policies in place to help the working poor and shrinking middle class (like Medicare for All).

      How does this make sense? Elites get EVERYTHING they want, yet minimum wage workers (who’re the ones keeping this country afloat, not the rich who horde their money, and this is a fact and why trickledown economics never works) and others can never have anything?

      And what’s worse is that voters are so indoctrinated into believing this BS.

  2. Were you aware of Medicare Fraud before watching this video? Any personal experience with a family member or loved one? Let us know in the comments down below!

    • The Tea Lady yessss! This is something else that no one talks about. Our prison system is so horrible and people tend not to care because people dehumanize prisoners

    • My dad’s company actually works to try and prevent medicare fraud! He has talked a lot about this kind of thing and wow there is so much that happens its crazy! They work with states to try and flag and deny fradulent claims so our tax dollars aren’t getting used for this kind of stuff. People need to be made more aware this!

  3. I’m a fraud investigator. I work mostly insurance, worker comp, and employee fraud cases. I have worked plenty of medics fraud cases and they go deep! For some reason this kind of crime doesn’t register morally to some folks.

    • @Joshua Wynne
      I have reason to believe that my ex landlord is scamming the government. She is receiving a lot of vitamins paid for by Medicare, she has a stair lift installed in her home, and she has a handy cap permit in her possession. She claims it’s for her dying mom but never seen nor heard of her. She doesn’t work and somehow manages to pay for a mortgage of $1,500 and a car note of $500. The reason I know is because I lived with her in her home. I have video and pictures of her and her place. Is there something I can do to report suspension of fraud or do I have to have concrete evidence. What can I do to stay anonymous while being able to have her investigate.

    • So what you are implying is… Who cares, not my problem. Let her steal and it not illegal until you get caught. Thanks for the advice, now I can too do the same thing. I have a few hundred dollars where I can go buy people’s information, create a fake rehabilitation center, get a few people to work for me, and pay a doctor to create false medical needs at which I can charge insurances or Medicare coverage a high medical expense.

    • bbb sss I don’t recommend you break the law. I just also don’t recommend you go around telling on people.

  4. WHAT?! When HealthCare is driven with stupid high prices it will be corrupted by human avarice. Im shocked! Shocked I tell you.

    • Technically some of those prices are legit, and then are compounded by corruption schemes. Healthcare should never have been privatized.

  5. Take a look at former Governor and current Senator Scott’s “resume” and you may notice a trend: Medicare/Medicaid, high-speed rail, Florida DOT toll road contracting – all areas where he tows the partisan GOP line unless his personal investment portfolio stands to benefit. Dude is shady AF, but nothing seems to stick to Slippery Rick.

    Small Sample of References:

    Medicaid Expansion:

    High Speed Rail:

    Florida SunPass:

  6. I work as a Medical Coder and for anyone that was curious about “The company attached false Diagnosis codes to patient record to increase reimbursement to the hospitals”; as Medical Coders, we take the notes that the Doctors and Physicians write out for a patient’s visit and we translate that into Diagnosis and Procedural codes using the ICD-10 CM/PCS or CPT if it’s Outpatient. For example, a patient is being treated for hypertension? We use the diagnosis code I10 for that.

    As Coders, we have guidelines that we are supposed to follow in regards to what Diagnosis and Procedure codes we are allowed to pick up and add to that claim. The facility that a coder works for is also responsible for setting up guidelines to ensure the Medical Coders are accurately coding the patient’s chart. Of course not everyone follows this because then the team wouldn’t be doing a video on this topic.

    • Idk about that The profit in the medical industry is a good motivator for drug creation and treatment quality.
      (Objectively in terms of quality survival rates and drug production and development the United States has the best health care in the world)

      I think the main problems with the US healthcare system is the fact that prices aren’t clearly shown before the treatment (meaning you don’t know which hospital will be more affordable, and also letting the hospitals charge you whatever they want)
      And the fact that drugs can be copy righted. Stopping any competition. Which creates a very high price because each drug has its own localised monopoly.

    • @Yash Nanda , A profit motive is the WRONG reason for anyone seek to produce proper medical procedures or medicines that work.

    • @Yash Nanda, Because public health and safety are more important than whether or not wealthy investors make more money. Why would you even need to ask such a question? How much is a human life worth to you?

  7. The background music is super distracting. Maybe cut it? Huge fan though and excited to see this channel grow!

  8. Step 1. Fix health care system.

    Step 2. Fix defense contracts.

    Step 3. There will be enough money to fix EVERYTHING ELSE.

  9. As a physician in training, I reported a doc for possible fraud (billing for exams she didn’t do) and nothing ever happened except that I got pushed to resign. There is a lot of room for improvement in the healthcare industry.

    • Lauren Wheeler i work for a chiropractor who puts his friends on disability. I’ve seen people walk in for a signature and never return.

    • He is constantly having me fix the bill for personal injury cases. Reporting these doctors sometimes doesn’t do anything. I’ve reported it and I’ve yet to see him get audited.

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