Kamala Harris to Cosponsor Bernie Sanders’ ‘Medicare for All’ Bill

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Kamala Harris surprisingly announced her support for single-payer healthcare, and additionally stated her intent to cosponsor Bernie Sanders' upcoming 'Medicare for All' bill. This announcement comes after she expressed hesitation about the concept of single-payer—and is most likely a decision motivated by political expediency—but nonetheless, it's a huge step in the right direction.

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Kamala Harris to Cosponsor Bernie Sanders' 'Medicare for All' Bill


53 thoughts on “Kamala Harris to Cosponsor Bernie Sanders’ ‘Medicare for All’ Bill

  1. ALWAYS FOLLOW THE MONEY. If Harris starts taking Big Pharma money while running in 2020, DO NOT TRUST HER! tho i didnt trust her when she was courting Hillary donors in the Hamptons. I go into that and more on my own channel, including how MSM is going GAGA over Harris. MSM really doesn’t know how to hide its 2020 cards very well, lol

    It’s not like placating people for votes BY SAYING YOU WILL DO THE RIGHT THING AND THEN NEVER GOING THROUGH WITH ANY ACTUAL ACTION is right out of the D.N.C. playbook for the last 30 years, right mike??

    • bgt125 … dead on…
      This is the Kamala wedge..
      See what the progressives will get divided on. We will see… the reason for the purity test..

    • Royal We lol this reminds me of when Trump pledged to donate 1 million for the Hurricane Relief and every Republican was praising him but just recently it has come out that it may not be from his own funds.

    • He also raised millions for the veterans back during the campaign……does anyone know if he fulfilled that promise? DON’T THINK he did.

  3. I left the Democratic party because of promises like this. I’ll reserve judgment for another year. I have no intention of voting for any Democrat in any election if they take corporate money. When Kamala Harris gives up her corporate cash, then I’ll believe her.

    • C Rom nobody here is being tricked by her we are just giving her credit for co sponsoring…
      If she ever wavers even for one second we send in the hounds

  4. Don’t be fooled…. it’s easy to be for universal healthcare when republicans have the majority. It would not surprise me at all if she flipped if she became president. The progressive litmus test has two crucial parts: 1) support Medicare for all 2) refuse to take corporate money
    Kamala takes way too much corporate money for her to ever give us universal healthcare. Wake up people. This is her equivalent to the republicans promising to repeal Obamacare. They knew they would never do it if they took back the majority, they were just saying it because obama was president at the time and they knew it would never happen.

    • Illtempo 1980 she won’t become president..ill never vote for her..pressure dosent work…hillary lied to our faces..these democrat women are snakes..just evil to the core…

    • It’s definitely just a cynical feint , she knows it’s not going anywhere and she’s already reassured her big corporate donors that her support is just a ploy to land progressive votes. This doesn’t win her any points with me, we all know who this person is and what she represents. Let’s not pretend the jury’s still out on Kamala Harris.

    • The Progressives have 3 crucial parts…….3) Human RIGHTS which include woman’s rights….to equal pay and reproductive choices. The demon’sCRAPs want to have a choice between pro and no choice. Let them…..we are Better than they are!

    • Exactly. If she were elected, then there is no reason to believe she would be an effective advocate for universal healthcare. Obama’s attempt to give us the public option was pathetic. Harris will move left for the primary and then “pivot” right, then “compromise”, and then throw hands in air and blame republicans. We don’t need stage performers; we need people with conviction.

  5. Bernie is damn good at getting Democrats and the D.N.C. to PRETEND/SAY they will ever ACTUALLY DO the right thing (NOT SAY THEY SUPPORT DOING THE RIGHT THING) by the average poor working American. I’ll give you that, Mike.

  6. I’d like to see her stump for it with a strong message. Either way, she has a million miles to go in gaining my damn respect!

  7. Mike, this is a setup. She’s playing progressives. Her support for it now means she may want to have a say in the debate further down the line – to “tweak” the Medicare-for-all final bill, and say she wants to “improve” it. That means making it a “medicare-for-most”, until it fails in either the House. Then she’ll argue for a “medicare-for-more-than-are-covered-now”, in an effort to compromise with Republicans (and also corporatist Democratic “moderates” – by which I mean sellouts). Saying the right things when you’re in campaign-mode is one thing, but doing the right thing is very different. Otherwise you’ll end up with private and public positions on a lot of things… sound familiar?

    Give either Republicans or corporate “Democrats” an inch and they’ll take a mile. Mike, you got a good platform. Credit where credit is due is a good policy. But try saying something like this: “You’re saying the right things. That’s the extent of your credit. But actions speak louder, and in politics that’s all that counts. What you do will tell us whose side you’re on. We’ll be watching.”

    It’s a good way to make sure corporatist Dems can’t just lie their way back to good will with Progressives. Time for them to earn back our trust. Progressives don’t want an apology. We’re waiting for moderate Democrats to prove to us they mean it by stepping aside, taking responsibility for their failures (especially money in politics), and allowing Progressives to create a fair and equal platform in the Democratic Party with no superdelegates and no bias. Anything less is just an attempt to take the votes of those they don’t accept as being worthy of their representation, because they don’t even bother to fake it most of the time.

    • kamala went to the hamptons to smooze shitllary and her donors and con(can’t call it a think) tank to form a agenda to get us to fall for her crap. With lightning227, I see it worked. The rest of us should remain skeptical!

  8. I’m not giving her credit for what is clearly a political calculation. I will continue to demand a higher standard from her (as she does represent my state) while being weary of her ulterior motives. Until she stops taking corporate money, she does not have my trust.

  9. Don’t fall for this, until she stops taking corporate money over a period of time she is just another why to put us in the pocket of believing corporate dems are okay

    • Jude Leriche that’s not enough. After the election she could start getting the money. Why would the Establishment pick someone that is against their interest? They don’t Kamala is just talking the talk. Why are we even considering her?????

    • Ara Blumenfeld. This is NOT about considering her. It is about getting the words about public funded healthcare for all into the Minds of millions of Americans. CNN/Msnbc have to talk about it now in a more honest way, because their insider-darling is talking the talk for now. You all have to take advantage of this moment, PLEASE.

    • Kurt.Dk-55 Too late for all the pleading, people don’t trust her, this all about Ms Harris, for her values and integrity have already been compromised. Is it too much to have a decent candidate who is not mired in controversy?

    • lol, TYT is trying to shove Kamala Harris down the throat of Progressives because they know the plan is already in place to ‘suicide’ Bernie to make path for Clinton’s sock puppet Harris.

    • Peekaboo!! The debate in the entire “TYT-universe” is about how to promote public funded healthcare for all to also be implimented in USA as in the rest of the world. It has got nothing to do with Kamala Harris. We all know her history with Mnuchin and big$-donors. Please push for it now, when even MSM have to support their media-darling in this.

    • Kurt.Dk-55 . Yeah. But on the other hand, the establishment voters will see her as somebody we’re Supposed to support now.. You only get my vote if you refuse large donations, let there be no mistake about it.

    • TYT is basically a propaganda wing of the DNC intended to put progressives back in line. I can just see Cenk now, telling me to ignore all of Kamala’s corruption because she is “good enough” and “what more can you expect?” Well, I can expect someone who is actually going to deliver on something, that’s what.

  10. Thankfully most Progressives are getting smarter. Fool me once shame on you, Fool me twice shame on me. Don’t let the Establishment fool you again

    • Angie Blas Yes, the people who gave the world Hillary have now launched her replacement. This upgraded structurally sound model is trendier, sleeker, easier on the eye and comes in a fashionable black female finish. It still retains many of the old features, eminently corruptible, disingenuous and totally at one with corporations, I give you the Kamala. This is how these crass cigar smoking scumbags think and decide who to next inflict on the electorate. Purely focus group driven they will dictate what a candidate looks like, sounds like and what lies she/he must peddle. Beyond redemption I fear.

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