John Delaney favors universal health care, but not Medicare-for-all

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By eliminating the current tax deduction for employer-provided health care, Delaney would create a new government health care program for Americans under 65. As with Medicare, beneficiaries could supplement its benefits by purchasing additional coverage.

John Delaney leaves Congress in a few days, but not in defeat like so many of his colleagues. The wealthy former financial executive is leaving to ramp up his campaign for president. Yes, you read that correctly. The outgoing representative from Maryland’s Sixth House District seeks the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination.

Delaney has been the one and only declared Democratic candidate for the last 17 months. After just four years on Capitol Hill, Delaney launched his bid in July 2017 in hopes of overcoming his absence of any national base or profile whatsoever. It hasn’t worked yet; despite frequent visits, Delaney received his 1% support among Iowa Democrats in a recent Des Moines Register poll.

Yet Delaney offers the brains and savvy that took him from a blue-collar upbringing to becoming the youngest CEO on the New York Stock Exchange in 1995. Now 55, he also brings a checkbook that permits him to finance his campaign at least through the earliest 2020 contests. He brands himself a practical problem-solver, capable of bringing both parties together to deliver on progressive goals such as universal health care and reductions in the carbon emissions that cause climate change.

Delaney sat down with CNBC Editor-at-Large John Harwood in Chevy Chase, MD at Mei-Wah, an Asian restaurant near the offices of the finance firm for mid-sized businesses he ran before first running for Congress in 2012.

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John Delaney favors universal health care, but not Medicare-for-all


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27 thoughts on “John Delaney favors universal health care, but not Medicare-for-all

  1. How would you make sure that expensive health care that everyone needs like cancer treatments or dental implants, and so on are part of the “basic’ that everyone gets or are you setting up a system that would quickly become one that “only high-income’ and “rich-people” can actually afford the health-care that handles the big expensive stuff? So, a crap health-plan which does little accept keep all the poor people vaccinated, but provides real services when people are in dire need of something big only afforded to the wealthy. If your plan prevents this fiasco I’d like to hear more. If not, please don’t waste our time.

    • This is the best idea so far I’ve heard for health care overhaul. Sounds more logical than Bernie’s unrealistic plan that wil never get through congress. But I’m not sure he’s reading the demographics right. A minimal health plan for everyone under 65 during an election where most democrats belong to that group will not see their needs met. The republican base is more aged, but they’ll vote for Trump anyway. I don’t see how he can get through the primaries. It’s a shame good talent like John Delaney eventually gets discarded in American politics and angry pitbulls like Beto O’Rourke get selected instead…

    • +CellGames2006 I wouldn’t call Delaney “good talent”, especially not with this type of talk which really isn’t any different from what an idiot like Rand Paul says all the time about “choices” in health care, and using the scare tactic of “taking away Medicare from seniors”. He’s taken a lot of money from the insurance companies. On health care I wouldn’t trust him any farther than I could throw him.

  2. This private / public hybrid system has worked in New Zealand since the 1930s.

    Having any insurance in a universal healthcare system makes little sense, it just adds cost, money which could be used for supplying medical services.

    Having private means that people can choose to use private if they wish, giving the maximum choice. Also provides elective surgery and people can pay if they don’t want to use the public system.

    Otherwise, everyone is covered.

    Note that the current system in the US has resulted in the most expensive healthcare out of all OECD nations, yet delivers the lowest life expectancy.

    • This shouldn’t have to come down to “choice”. There’s only two things that should happen. 1) You get sick. 2) you go to the doctor to get treated. That’s it. Having supplemental insurance is a great idea, and many countries like France (which has been named as having the best healthcare system in the world) already do that. This whole thing about “taking Medicare from Seniors” is a scare tactic. The younger people who are going to be put into the Medicare system who need less treatment will underwrite the older people who need more treatment. That’s how “insurance” works.

      Delaney has already failed the first test. The second test is that he’s taken quite a bit of money from the insurance industry. So naturally he’s going to be against Medicare for all.

  3. “I don’t think our seniors would want us to take their Medicare…”.

    BZZZZZZZZZTT!! What is it about Medicare FOR ALL that guys like him don’t understand? You’re not taking Medicare from seniors. You’re expanding it to EVERYONE, and with younger healthier people in the pool who need less care, that will pay for those on the other end who need more care.

    He talks about “lots of choices”. Who is going to sit there and say “Hmmm, think I’ll pass on cancer. Heart attacks? Maybe 60% will be good enough?”. There should only be two things that happen; 1) you get sick. 2) you get treatment. That’s it. There’s no “choices” involved. You’re not buying a used car.

    • What is your plan to save Medicare ? By their own admission in 8 years it becomes insolvent , social security 18 years insolvent .
      Medicare for all is an impossibility .
      Every state that passed a bill to come up with the plan found out it would at minimum double their entire annual budget for the state .
      They have all dropped the bills despite saying they will be for it .
      California , the latest democratic state to drop the bill . By every underhanded metric tried , the completely democratically controlled bean counting , double counting , etc shows that Medicare for all would cost over 400 billion a year . Perspective ,
      The cost to run California for one year is 209 billion per year that’s every government program , salary , police , fire , retirement , etc .
      There is no way possible to get the free healthcare , not one plan has been brought forward or conceptualized to make that even close to neutral .
      This is why every state has completely dropped the proposed free for all b proposal bills .

  4. The private /public option is a really good option. It works, Americans need to understand that their “World’s Best Healthcare” system is not the best, but it is the most expensive by orders of magnitude more, and based in the insurance model, is designed to pay out as little as possible in healthcare to preserve healthy profits. The system of private / public healthcare means the for profit providers have to become sensible in their cost to benefit models, and actually provide a plan that is attractive to people to buy as an option, not because they have state sponsored monopolies and can screw you. The current system is you pay for insurance, or you don’t pay and get free heathcare, billed to everyone who decides to buy insurance, as hospitals cannot not treat you, they just bill everyone else via massive premiums.

    • WRONG! A “public-option” will just subsidize the for-profit private insurance industry. I’ll concede it’s better than what we have now, but still… all the expensively-sick patients will just go to the government program, making it unaffordable for the government program.

  5. The parasite Joe Biden gets free the best health care and why care for the poor when he’s a yes man to the rich elite. The Repubictards and Demoncatz are the same party ( two sides of the same coin ) ! The party for the rich elite !% and their mega-corporations. John F Kennedy was the last real President that we had and it got him assassinated ! Every other president has just been yes men and just figure heads ! You can see from Johnson to Trump and notice the plight of the poor . The destruction of the unions, under taxation of the rich and over taxation of the poor, free medical care for the Senate, House of Representatives, and President ! Yet they deny medical care for the poor so the rich insurance companies can keep their money! Health care for the poor to the Repubictards and Demoncatz is pure socialism and communism but free health care for them, full pay in retirement, trillion dollar buyouts for the mega-corporations, and tax breaks for the rich in trickle down myth! That is the great capitalism they spew about i.e. Social Corporatism ! Don’t you think the polls are fake and dishonest ! Bernie Sanders has low poll ratings really ?, it is insulting to people that think for themselves, but OK for the Bread and Circuses crowd ! The Media lies and supports these fake polls and therefore are fake news !

    • Spoiler alert , all the poor get free healthcare in the U.S. .
      Free healthcare , free food , free cellphones , free dental care , free clothing , free housing .That said , all politicians should not get a dime for health care or retirement , no benefits except salary with term limits .
      Oh , and if JFK were running today , clearly he’d be a conservative .
      JFK was a serial cheater in public office as we all know , similar to Bill Clinton , but Bill was a rapist pedophile to boot .

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