It’s Time For Medicare For All!

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Whether you're rich or poor, everyone should have the same guarantee of quality health care. Yesterday, Pramila Jayapal launched the #MedicareforAll Act. Now, we get to work.

It's Time For Medicare For All!


44 thoughts on “It’s Time For Medicare For All!

  1. I laugh at you right-wing corporate suckers. This movement will bury you. Universal health is coming. No more $300 insulin shots. No more aged people living on cat food and cutting their pills.
    Get over it. It’s our future.

    • +Mint Visto successful at what? gouging wages and pushing work loads to slavery level like jeff bezos? work for amazon and see if you think the rich are deserving of their success.

    • +Mint Visto *Everyone* gets taxed. “Rich and successful” people got rich and successful with the help of everyone else. Off the backs of thousands/millions of people. NO ONE, not one progressive, is saying people can’t be rich. Its the income inequality gap that is too big, and leads to problems in society and civilization being unsuccessful as a whole.
      The BEST, most productive time to live in America was when the Wealthy were taxed 70-90%. And even after that, they were still the wealthiest! If you make 50 million a year, and are taxed 80%, you still have 10 million dollars! More than most people will ever have in their life times.
      ALSO, don’t confuse successful people with being rich. A successful person could easily be someone who is working in their dream job and only earns 50,000 a year.

    • +Mint Visto If you invent ‘sliced bread’, and are going to make a fortune, do you think its ok if you’re worth billions of dollars while other people(that can barely afford your sliced bread) are living in poverty? OR, that your worth millions of dollars, and many other families can live happy lives, because they get a livable/respectable wage? In the latter, everyone is happy(except for the greedy).
      Needless to say, when the middle class have money, they BUY THINGS, and rich people make money.
      The ‘trickle down effect” never worked. The only way to move the economy and make everyone happy, is “Trickle up”

  2. i don’t know why so many Americans don’t mind being ripped off. We’re paying Ferrari & Lamborghini prices for something that other countries only pay Ford or Nissan price, for the same service or the same meds. 
    The first step in reducing that excess cost is to cut out the unnecessary middle man, the insurance companies. Some people are too focused on this socialism thing, they’re only helping to retain status quo.
    If you follow the money and try to change the system to reduce cost, it ends up looking like socialism, but some things (not all, but some) works better that way: like for the military, police force or the fire department.
    This is not a theory but it’s already tried & tested & working in all other developed countries around the world for many, many decades.

    • Its paid through higher taxation. 45% Of the populace currently pays no effective income tax. This plan would burden the poor. Your example of military police fire shows exactly why it is flawed proposition. How do you like the DMV? What about states like ca. That want to give non citizens free medical?

    • I’m German. When I was younger (before the internet), I was always wondering why so many US shows and movies mentioned crippling financial debt due to medical bills. When I finally found out, I was like WTF?

    • +AnonRanGER01 And being German you should also know that your nation is in terrible debt, 75% of your GDP is now debt. “Free” sounds great until it’s time for someone to pay.

  3. The second speech by Dingle ripped the heartstrings right out of my chest. Damn, what a speech.

    • Let me guess the democrats who allow in millions of illegals who have killed Americans care about us. — POLICE: BABY DUE NEXT MONTH KILLED BY DRUNK ILLEGAL ALIEN

      February 23

  4. Norway got its first public hospital in 1826. The National Hospital, Rikshospitalet, which still exists today. It’s almost 200 years ago. At the same time, public health services were developed throughout the country. So all the nation’s citizens should have access to a doctor.

    • Yet you Democrats are and have been fighting to pass abortion up to 48 weeks (fyi 42 weeks = officially considered a fetus with a life). And it seems ur aware of the oath so wtf is ur arguing?

    • +CERBERUS Norway
      Mortality rate, under-five (per 1,000 live births)2.6
      Mortality rate, under-five (per 1,000 live births)6.5

    • +overbeb
      Norways population as of 2019:
      *under 5,500,000 citizens*
      United States population as of 2019:
      *just shy of 330,000,000 citizens*
      Ur point is invalid, considering America is literally 66x larger than Norway when it comes to total population (shocking eh lol).

      Can u even math bro?

    • +CERBERUS Norway: 
      Mortality rate, under-five (per 1,000 live births)2.6
      Mortality rate, under-five (per 1,000 live births)6.5

  5. Nancy Pelosi and Dianne Feinstein love the for profit existing illusion of healthcare dismal failure because they gladly accept the dirty bribe money from the healthcare insurance companies and big pharma that continue to rip us off year after year, that is why we don’t love Nancy Pelosi and Dianne Feinstein corrupt to their core. Get the money out of our politics now! Bernie/Tulsi 2020!

  6. I see the gentleman in the wheel chair, sorry, I didn’t catch the name, mentions how much he relied on his CNAs.

    CNAs are literally the backbone for a lot of medical places, whether it be hospitals, home healthcare, special need homes, retirement homes, etc. yet CNAs are grossly underpaid for what they do. My GF was doing this and started at only $9.50/hr at a major hospital in this area. The amount of turn over, the amount of CNAs that just didn’t care enough or had to work 2nd jobs, is disgusting.

  7. Just remember it is Bernie Sanders who made this happen. If you REALLY believe in this google Bernie Sanders and donate to his campaign. He is the only true believer that didnt just recently jump on board. He wont compromise. EVERY OTHER CANDIDATE HAS WAVERED. DONT TO BERNIE NOW IF YOU REALLY WANT THIS!!!

  8. Doctors love Medicare for All. 60% of a doctors time is spent trying to get approval from insurance companies. No more fighting to stay alive while you are too sick to fight.

  9. Remember this was brought to you by Bernie Sanders. Go donate to his campaign right now and keep the momentum going!!!

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