Interview: Bernie Sanders on Ending Yemen War, Medicare for All, Green New Deal & the Stop BEZOS Act

– Hundreds of international progressive leaders gathered in Burlington, Vermont, last weekend for an event hosted by The Sanders Institute. While there, Amy Goodman sat down with independent Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders to discuss his efforts to pass a Green New Deal, raise the minimum wage and protect Social Security. He also spoke about last week’s historic Senate vote to advance a resolution he co-sponsored to end military support for the Saudi-led, U.S.-backed war in Yemen.

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Interview: Bernie Sanders on Ending Yemen War, Medicare for All, Green New Deal & the Stop BEZOS Act

49 thoughts on “Interview: Bernie Sanders on Ending Yemen War, Medicare for All, Green New Deal & the Stop BEZOS Act

    • I have to say something. I did not vote for that man in DC and I truly can’t stand the sight of him. However, that statement you made is pure Trump. We, meaning all of us need to be better than this. Those “inbreeds” have a right to their vote and their opinion. There are those who will never see the light but becoming part of the pack does not advance us, it hinders us. Please think about that. Thank you for listening

    • +Spyrit2011 I know USA has a long involvement in Latin America. The fruit company’s exploit the central America.. And the USA removed a democratically elected president of Honduras because he want to buy cheap oil from Venezuela

    • +Shah Suri If you’ve seen the Oliver Stone film JFK, Stone postulated a theory that the reason why Kennedy was assassinated was because Kennedy was planning on commencing negotiations with Khruschev to withdraw all nuclear weapons (at this time, the USA and the USSR were the only two nuclear powers in the world) but because weapons manufacturers would have lost around $80 billion in government contracts if this happened and they had some very powerful friends in the government, they were ultimately behind the Kennedy assassination. I’m not saying that I believe this theory – though it’s the most plausible one I’ve heard – but the fact remains that as long as these companies can reap huge profits from wars then our government will always support them.

  1. Will we ever address the biggest elephant in the climate change room? If we don’t address animal agriculture we are only putting a band aid on a bullet wound

    • How about a comprehensive approach.
      It’s not just about climate change. Millions of people in the United States have water coming into their homes that makes them sick. Air that makes them sick. Earth that is being poisoned and getting into our food and our bloodstreams.

    • +Jack Jammen I agree with a comprehensive approach. and a large part of the poisoning of the water, air and food has to do with animal agriculture. So.. let’s get on it too, and seriously.

  2. A brilliant man and should have been the true democrat nominee and president of the United States. He was the only candidate with a clear, honest and reasoned vision for what’s best for America and its place in the world. It boggles the mind why the democratic party would have sabotaged him every step of the way. If they had simply got behind him and done the right thing we would be forming a very different kind of world now I think.

    • It actually doesn’t boggle the mind. Corporate dems are basically moderate Republicans. Controlled opposition tasked with acting as a foil against the progressive movement.

    • +MrSanman28 “Marxism, in the name of the oppressed, always leads to Genocide.” Not true. There are many examples of communistic experiments that have not led to genocide. For example, the first ever communist revolution, the Paris Commune (destroyed by outside forces), then there’s Revolutionary Catalonia (defeated by outside forces, among which the Soviet Union). A more contemporary example is Rojava.
      Point is, abolishing/reforming capitalism does not always lead to totalitarian governments.

    • *
      The Democratic ‘leadership’ did a similar thing to the popular George A. Wallace at their 1944  convention. It was a conspiracy ot the top people in the Democratic Party who did it back then.  In 2016 they wallaced Bernie!

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