How to Find a Good Medicare Agent

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Answering: How to find a Medicare broker
1) Does the agent follow up after the application? Do they put a physical checklist in the mail to you, letting you know where you are in the process and what, still needs to be done?
2) Do they have the resources to follow up with you in the future or are they just a "one-man show" trying to bring on new clients and also promising to service existing clients?
3) Does the agent specialize in something OTHER than Medicare?
Often, financial advisors will use Medicare as a "door opener", knowing just enough about it to be dangerous. It is far better to work with a specialist than a generalist.

We have a whole team to support our clients. We communicate, both in writing AND electronically and by phone. We keep our clients up to date on what is happening with Medicare. Medicare is ALL we do.

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How to Find a Good Medicare Agent


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