How ‘Medicare For All’ Could Affect You And Your Family | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

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The first congressional hearing on “Medicare for All” legislation is happening on the Hill. Former Director of Policy in the Obama Administration, Dr. Kavita Patel joins Ali Velshi and Stephanie Ruhle to discuss the policy gaining traction with 2020 candidates and how it could affect you.
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How ‘Medicare For All’ Could Affect You And Your Family | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

How ‘Medicare For All’ Could Affect You And Your Family | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC


51 thoughts on “How ‘Medicare For All’ Could Affect You And Your Family | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

  1. People need this. I believe we should still have private insurance companies for things like plastic surgery and competing prices but for a majority of those we should have Medicare for all with the ability to opt out of the situation. Expanding Obamacare will not be good enough. Medicare is very good government coverage

  2. MFA would allow people beholden to staying in a sh*tty job only because of the healthcare it offers, a chance to grow the economy and achieve the American dream by starting their own business.

    • +Pink Crayon Agree, I think people miss that point a lot and I would like to see it being sold that way. Image all the people who would start new businesses, create competition for other business and would hire people as their business grew. Like you say, it doesn’t get much more capitalist than that.

  3. We can have a military for all but not healthcare for all? Crazy how republicans don’t even wanna talk about this

    • Dear Demon-rats, if you must start your 2nd Civil War, please start it on a Friday. This way, us hard working taxpayers can viciously & violently put it down & return to work come Monday morning!

    • Joeneyrd the Democrats didn’t start the first Civil war it was a liberal Republicans president named Lincoln

  4. The person who drafted Obama care a republican plan is saying we want to keep it, surprise.
    It costs more than Medicare For All, worse outcome and insurance companies can still find a way to deny you service. Bunch of hacks all over TV.

    • Ya she is a stockholder. Why Obama care was a failure. A Single payer health system is the only to do it. Why Pelsio doesnt like a single payer system. She wont be able to get insider trading from Insurance company stocks any more.

  5. How can ‘Medicare For All’ affect you and your family? It can you give you and your family access to f*cking MEDICARE! Which if you’re a human, is kind of a big deal and helps keep people healthy and ALIVE! People can help contribute to society a lot better when they’re not permanently sick, injured, or dead.

    • +William Burgess you fail to mention that Canada has a better cost of living and better minimum wage nationwide than the US. I’ve been quoted 300/month for employer health insurance. 300*12= 3600 and that’s before any co-pays or other fees. I’m perfectly okay with my taxes going up to avoid paying that much money per year. I get maybe a 400$ refund on taxes. Paying 200$ once a year is fine with me as long as I can go to the doctor.

    • +quan Brooklyn kid If you agree, you don’t understand how _any_ kind of insurance works and that, in effect, is what single payer is.

    • +William Burgess In Canada the difference covers a lot more than healthcare, please don’t speak about what you know so little about.

  6. Meanwhile other countries are enjoying their universal healthcare. Not us though, need more and more money for bombs and tax cuts.

    • +Eric : South Florida has been heavily Cuban for decades. I had a good friend from Coral Gables more than 40 years ago, and he spoke of that situation back then. Spanish has been spoken at least as much as English for the same length of time. There’s nothing new about that.

    • Trumpocalypse they get life saving treatment. and don’t have to wait. cancer heart. hips back you name it. I hauled many of them. not to mention. arabs flying in have babies and flying right back out.

    • +Eric When Republicans took out all the mobility in the labor economy. People really can’t get a better job unless they go into massive debt for college.

    • +thebillis1 Republican Christian nails it. Eric is an arm-waving Jesus lover who thinks Jesus hung around with the wealthy and shunned the poor. He and his congregation will be surprised at how hot “heaven” will be.

    • Robert Parker – And even if they do go into massive debt for college, there is little possibility now of getting that “better job”. MGM Grand Hotels are now replacing bartenders and cashiers with automated technologies, that is going to happen over every employment field in the next decade . . . even doctors.

    • +coolmodelguy Agreed. Not all of us can be lawyers? Unless you are in the Generational -investor class people will be living out of garbage can. Machines to fix-Machines and then MAchines will just run our government LOL Corporations are shooting themselves in the foot. Nobody will have any money to goto Vegas?

  7. This is B.S. Every other industrialize nation has UNIVERSAL HEALTHCARE!~ America problem is EVERYTHING IS FOR SALE. Even your life! Politicians and Corporations are conspiring to keep Healthcare in the hands of those that want to profit from your pain. With #MedicareForAll only changes, You pay for it with Taxes! Period.

    • +The Blade No thanks, I don’t want the crap your peddling. I will vote for whoever is lowering taxes or cutting government every time.

    • +Eric so you are saying you will continue to support wealthy people who pay a lower tax rate than you as long as they make promises that give them a huge tax cut. Brilliant.

    • +Eric You don’t know the fundamentals of how a public option works. Nobody pays for you in a universal system. Everyone buys insurance just like you do now, but healthcare is run as a nonprofit, which means ALL the money paid in comes back to you (instead of an insurance company’s pocket) in the form of health services & you get 100% coverage for less money. That’s why I want it- because I want more for MY money.

    • Eric – You are apparently ignorant of how the federal government finances operate. The taxes you pay to the federal government don’t go anywhere, they are simply a line in a ledger.

      You just proved yourself to be at least three kinds of stupid with your reply to Butterfly Blues . . . once we have Medicare for all, you will not be paying that CASH out of pocket for your healthcare. Instead you will be paying nothing at the point of service. You will be paying additional taxes, and that will be less expensive for you than paying cash. You will be paying for your own healthcare through the federal government, they are not going to be charging you for your healthcare and someone else’s also.

      Besides, if we look at things from your point of view now, your federal taxes already pay for other peoples health care . . . so why are you squawking so much when you will get a better deal with Medicare for All?

    • +coolmodelguy increasing taxes IS paying for it.

      While democrats try to figure out how to pay for it, I’ll keep voting for the person cutting taxes and government jobs.

    • Eric – You just failed math. Not much use as a computer engineer, are you? What is your job, smashing computers with a sledgehammer?

  8. Medicare for All will reduce the cost for the taxpayer of Medicare & Medicaid as well. By expanding the pool to include healthy/young people the system should statistically start paying for itself.

  9. My understanding is that of that 3.8trillion that Americans pay for Health insurance, only 1.2trillion is actually spent on providing healthcare. The reality is a single payer system will save the average family in America $1-2thousand dollars and could still leave the government with enough extra money to eliminate the entire deficit!

  10. I’m glad you pointed out that people who try to say Medicare for All will raise taxes/be a burden on the taxpayer are misleading the public. In a universal system you keep paying for insurance, the way you do now, but the fee is usually less (& based on income) & the coverage covers everything. It’s not a tax increase, it’s a shift from paying for crappy private insurance to paying into a 100% coverage non-profit system. Also, a well run universal system should largely pay for itself.

    • +CJ J How stupid is it to complain about taxes going up by $1000 so you don’t have to pay a $2000 insurance premium where the healthcare can be denied on a whim? Yup, insurance companies *do* have those death panels.

    • +L98FIERO If the Medicare payroll tax were to rise to 15% (split between employer and employee), someone making $15 an hour would see the Medicare payroll tax deduction go from $452.40 a year to $2340.00 a year. That’s a $157.30 a month increase. That is more than most people with single coverage pay for their share of insurance premiums through their employer. And the more you make, the larger that increase becomes.

      Again, savings will come when people actually go to the doctor and dont have to pay anything. But for most people that get their insurance through their employer, they will actually see smaller paychecks.

    • +CJ J The fact is though that nowhere in the world has a single payer system been more expensive than the American ‘system’, anything you’re proposing is speculative and if a system even close to any of the other systems is implemented, costs will go down, that’s borne out by the experiences of all those other systems. The implication from all this real world experience is that the Medicare payroll tax deduction go from $452.40 to $226.20 instead.

    • +L98FIERO Yes, overall healthcare spending will go down. That’s not in dispute. But those cost savings are from what the country spends as a whole, not what the federal government currently spends. The costs are being shifted to being paid by the government instead of private industry. That mean the government has to raise taxes in order to cover it’s new spending. Pretty basic stuff here.

      At $3.0 Trillion a year, Medicare for All would be adding $2.0 Trillion to the federal budget. Taking the total budget from $4.0 Trillion to $6.0 Trillion. Are you seriously going to think that this can be done and your taxes will go DOWN? Maybe I shouldn’t point out that the total amount the federal government collects is about $3.2-$3.4 Trillion a year. That’s income tax, Social Security and Medicare payroll taxes, tariffs, court ordered fines, the fee you pay to get a copy of your tax return, everything. Again I ask, do you really think your taxes will go down?

      Taxes will go up on EVERYONE. There’s just no way around that. Putting in a 99% income tax rate on everyone making over $1 Million a year doesn’t generate enough revenue to pay for it. The total military budget is about 30% of the cost of Medicare for All so you can stop thinking cuts there will cover it all.

      Yes, that tax increase will be offset by not having to pay insurance premiums (and in the long run, offset even more by not having to pay doctors or hospitals). And, yes, some will actually see their tax increase be less than their insurance premium. The self-employed, for example, since they pay the entire premium. Or those with family on their employer subsidized health insurance, especially single-parents. But most single people on employer health plans won’t. Those that work and are on Medicaid or just don’t have insurance certainly won’t, and that’s about 20% of the working population.

      It seems you hear “savings” and “it will cost less” and think you will be paying less. All those savings are is just less new money the federal government will be spending.

  11. Don’t trust the estimates and or assessment of the Rand Corportion, this is run by the elites who’s bottom line is profit. We have to continue to push for Medicare FOR ALL!

  12. From the UK, look USA, it is hard to feel smug right now as we embarrass ourselves on the international stage over Brexit, but really, what are you doing? All this fluffing about as to whether it will work or not, and how much it will cost. It works everywhere else. No country has gone back from a universal healthcare system.
    In January I suffered two minor strokes. The care has been excellent. Cost, £0,00. Just do it.

    • +anthony davis- I think Muslims are at best about 8%. If London was a country it would be the 7th largest economy in the world. Sure, like all large cities with a multicultural population it has it’s problems, but I thought we were talking about healthcare.

    • Kevin Pitt
      Yep, these anti-progressive morons want to pretend to be cowboys; tough, independent, poor, sick, and extinct.

    • +Hydratank- You are correct, and the funniest thing about that is in reality cowboys were either Mexican or African Americans. As you say they were poor, and totally ripped off by their employers.
      When they went into town it was common practice to hand their gun in until they left town. What would the NRA say?

  13. The sad thing is there will still be poor, rural, non-college educated that will still vote Republicunt, antithetic to their own benefit because all they still hear is, ” Brown people are coming!”

  14. Ali Velshi is one of the few on MSNBC and CNN who give fair hearing to economic issues. Keep pulling Stephanie left, Ali, keep pulling.

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