GOP’s New Budget Plan Cuts Medicare & Social Security

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GOP's New Budget Plan Cuts Medicare & Social Security


32 thoughts on “GOP’s New Budget Plan Cuts Medicare & Social Security

    • Fuckers gotta pay their pimps somehow. After Trumpcare was buried, the top 5% collectively stamped their feet and yelled “BITCHES BETTER HAVE OUR MONEY!!!”

    • Raise the minimum wage.
      A $15-$20/min will result in a HUGE percentage of the country paying nearly 50% more in income taxes and those same people will have a better quality of life.
      2 problems solved.

  1. About to retire after paying into ss and Medicare for 40 years. Mother Fu kers! I paid in, it’s not welfare!

    • rationalguy I couldn’t agree more. I am so sorry to hear this may affect you, as it will millions of others. Republicans are absolutely devoid of shame.

  2. if cutting spending was going to make the economy better then Greece would have a surplus economy by now not double the national debt they had in the beginning.

  3. It’s amusing to watch the government cut its own throat. Global Trade and federal spending are intertwined. Less federal spending, less global trade especially merchandise trade. Economic illiteracy is rampet through out the world. The US dollar replaced gold in globe trade so global trade is limited by the availability of the US dollar. Bank money, be it consumer or business, is cannibalistic as it requires payment of interest. Only the federal government can spend interest-free money into the economy.

    All the conflict we are in is because we are protecting this monetary system at all costs.

    • One of the first things Reagan did when  he went into office was cut my healthcare that I had through the Indian healthcare service by being married to an Indian. This heartless act hurt Indian families because the spouse having no healthcare could bankrupt the family.

  4. How do you get the economy back on track after a massive banking crisis? Just do the so called fiscally irresponsible atheist policy of deficit spending.

  5. At this rate by the end of the year Trumpcare 5.0 will include provisions to *use the poor to grow spare organs for the rich* to finance giving them all catastrophic coverage with a 100k deductible.

  6. hey morons fucking morons! why don’t you go ask Kansas Just how that cutting taxes for the rich worked out for them!!

  7. You cut our SS and Medicare, and get ready for fucking WAR! That’s probably the only thing that could get me to vote for Democrats.

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