God Save Medicare For All From Pod Save America

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Pod Save America: Save us all from their nonsense. Sam Seder and the Majority Report crew discuss this.

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God Save Medicare For All From Pod Save America


58 thoughts on “God Save Medicare For All From Pod Save America

  1. Pod Save America is a play on both God Save the Queen and God Bless America. It just doesn’t work. It’s like having a podcast called Rule La France but changing the last word.

    • Justin The Fixer Yeah, that was a easily caught disease. This is popular because people like it. I get it, you don’t and you think they’re silly but they’re a massive success.

    • +Sean Kenny No i have nothing against their podcast, literally never seen their episode. I think somebody told me about it like a year ago or I read about it or something. Lame podcasts aside, do you not agree with Seder here about medicare for all? Do you think only rich people deserve to be treated for the illnesses brought on in our society ?

    • ​+Nick Coltrane More Bernie people voted for Hillary in ’16 than Hillary people voted for Obama in ’08, it’s simply a false narrative that Sanders supporters did Hillary in by being radical purists, even if you’d very much like to believe it.
      Past that, it’s kind of amazing that you saw your centrist darling lose and thought not that centrism was the problem, but that people of integrity are to blame for not selling out their ideals to the centrist. You are in a person the problem with this country. Nazis are increasingly rare, but milquetoast nothings like you are epidemic.

    • +Graham Barth Yea man, you pretty much hit the nail on the head there. I did the same thing as you when it came to voting.
      The thing is, we can’t do anything about gerrymandering but we can at least try to convince the purists to not give fascists yet another advantage.

  2. See I can’t get with it podcast when it doesn’t know if it wants to say God Save the Queen or God Bless America. Get it together.

  3. Having a private option at the same time as a public option would result in an insurance industry devoted to buying politicians in order to torpedo the public option. Just be done with the unnecessary for profit insurance industry.

    • Yep. Private insurance has had their chance to stop price gouging and they have failed to do so. Nuke the site from orbit.

    • I get medicare from the Canadian government, I also get extended health care, dental and eye care from a private insurance through my employer.
      fyi: My employer is one of the largest USA manufacturer.

      Like most of the 1st and 2nd world nations.

    • Australia has both publicly funded and private insurance as a supplement its options no Politicans have been bought by private insurers because the public won’t accept it.

  4. I do listen to Pod and Majority Report
    I have to say that I do not want to have to battle with private industry on health which is a for-profit business and is inherently against low prices, comprehensive care , and pays ceos millions to maximize their revenue. The Pod Save comments on this are seemingly falling in line with Kamalas backtrack on M4A bc she she’s a centrist and is willing to do business with lobbyists and billionaires. These interests are inherently against the public good. Pod seems to be conditioning their audience that accepting less M4A is acceptable and they are being pro centrist candidate. Not progressive.

    Majority good catch and thanks for clarifying.

    • The Pod guy wants legislation to slightly curtail practices that should have simply been made illegal decades ago. He’s a bum.

    • The lie that any of these fucking people are “centrists”, when the majority of Americans wants medicare for all, is just a bit of silly mental gymnastics.

      Stop calling these lying corporate whores anything but what they are, lying corporate whores.

    • And this is exactly why they are part of the problem. The issue is that we can’t fix healthcare in this country until we break the back of the private insurance industry. Working with them won’t work because their business interests are diametrically opposed to any actual solutions. We HAVE to be confrontational with them and start demonizing them, not trying to temper our rhetoric and be “reasonable.”

  5. Sam is right – profit-based hc can’t be efficient or moral. It’s not hard to grasp why. It is the very definition of any business to be a profit-maximizing institution. Doesn’t work with healthcare.

  6. We have a two tier system in Australia. The private insurance system is so unpopular that the Conservative government decided to subsidises it 30%. They have been trying to kill off Medicare since it’s conception. The excuse they use for this subsidy is to ‘take the pressure off the public system’. Our public hospitals are being underfunded and overworked and If they gave that subsidy to public hospitals, it would go a long way to solving the problem. A two tiered system just means the private will continually take resources from the public.

    • It’s so fascinating that across cultures conservatives just hate the government and have this pathological incessant belief that the private sector should be responsible for all services even when it’s clear it would have horrible outcomes (like w/ healthcare and education)

    • +Piriathy It’s all about the Benjamins. As they say in America.
      All that “Freedom of choice”, “Free markets” etc BS is just that: a gigantic pile of BS. An attempt to convince the gullible proletariat that there is some noble philosophical idea behind this enormous wealth sucking from the workers to the top 1%.
      That’s why they arranged for Milton Friedman to receive a Nobel (Memorial) Prize in Economic Sciences. Now they officially have a “respectable” academic school of thought to help them market their business model.

    • +Z’Q Yep, Trumpanzees sure seem determined to end up in re-education camps, or, preferably at this point, a concentration camp.

    • Thats more the Liberal party trying to destroy medicare than anything else. The public system is underfunded because the Coalition government refuses to fund it more. Its not the fault of the private health insurance.

      But private health insurance works differently here in Aus than US. Taking out private health insurance does not mean you give up access to medicare or the public system. Its sold as an extra service. For example if you want your own room at a public hospital instead of sharing. Covering out of pocket expense etc

      But you also failed to mention that privatising Medicare is EXTREMELY unpopular in Australia. The Libs won’t touch it because they know it would be political suicide.

    • +Paul Peart-Smith what worries me the most about health here in the uk is with GP’s and preventative health because either less populace places find it difficult to attract new GP’s or the more populace areas are overworked, that is having a knock on effect on the hospitals, which I think do a sterling job given the pressure they are under, but if primary health care isn’t taken care of then hospitals will suffer more giving the Conservatives more scope to say “see, we need private health care to help our NHS” when all this time what’s been happening is the slow undercutting of services precisely to bring about that change and if it means the suffering of every day citizens then citizens be damned. Its infuriating

  7. Jamie is right. The phrases are “God save the Queen” and “God bless America.” There is no “God Save America” so their podcast based play on words is nonsense.

    • +Hutxhy Because they are idiots. Pod (Podcast) Save America (A podcast made post Trump in creating a voice to save america.) They don’t care about saving a queen and why would the pod bless america? What is wrong with you people? Bunch of sheep.

    • +Adam Zielinski Yeah, it’s a play on words. Who cares what it really means though? They wanted it to be catchy and it is. Look I’m not defending them – I actually do listen to the podcast, but don’t agree with everything they say – but to nitpick issues with their pod name seems desperate.

    • Hutxhy I’m saying the nit pickers are idiots. They’re trying to make an issue where there isn’t one. I’m a fan of both guys, doesn’t always have to be a this or that and picking apart the name to me shows how ridiculous that whole mindset is.

  8. That’s why the wealthy are so staunchly anti-climate policies or anti-single payer system because then you start asking: “how to we dwindle the authority of those exploiting the system?” They would rather fight than lose their top position in the social hierarchy.

  9. They’re just pushing the neoliberal access to affordable healthcare talking point, private insurance has been proven not to work but they’re still acting like the issue is up for debate like climate change deniers do with global warming

  10. The healthcare system in America is crap and we all know it. we can do better as a nation. We are better than this. Let’s make hospitals w/o a collections office a part of our kids’ futures.

  11. Had a friend **ahem** who has “good insurance” that went to the emergency room for a few hours (false alarm, thankfully), paid up $1000+ before leaving, then later got several bills from different doctors and departments from that same visit, items that the insurance didn’t cover. A person can easily miss one of those items, then his or her emergency contacts get called, and his or her credit gets affected. This can cause social embarrassment as well as raise the cost of living. The process is complicated and expensive, and much like in a casino, the house always wins. I can’t imagine how someone with lower income and education could manage those payments and make sense out of all of it.

    In addition, there’s **billions of money** trickling *up* to upper level insurance managers, insurance executives, and insurance company investors, all whose main mission is to make money by not paying your claim. Many of them, in turn, buy politicians to make sure they keep getting a cut from America’s health care expense. Cut them out. America will save money. Insurance companies shouldn’t be governing our health and well-being. There is no middle ground on this.

  12. Listening to their whole podcast again, I believe that their 10 minute+ discussion on the topic is important to include before the 33:42 soundbite to show that their whole view is to actually go for a big battle fighting for a progressive policy against insurance companies and conservatives. Out of context like this, Lovett isn’t getting his first point out where he said the argument that Medicare for All would bankrupt the US and won’t work is “bullshit”. Where did they find this out of context soundbite btw with subtitles??

  13. I get a kick out of ins companies that won’t join the ACA because they are required to spend 80% on medical costs, and not on themselves.

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