First-Ever Medicare For All Hearing

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People are dying because they can’t afford health treatment, and that needs to change. Cenk Uygur and John Iadarola, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. MORE TYT:

Hosts: Cenk Uygur, John Iadarola

Cast: Cenk Uygur, John Iadarola


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First-Ever Medicare For All Hearing


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46 thoughts on “First-Ever Medicare For All Hearing

  1. _Note:_ Dr. Adam Gaffney, president of Physicians for a National Health Program (PNHP), whose appearance on Fox News in March was widely lauded, was _rejected_ by the Rules Committee as a witness. Only *_one_* single-payer advocate, Dr. Farzon Nahvi, a New York City emergency physician and professor, will be allowed to testify and that testimony will be limited to limited to how the patient experience would change, not to an overall case for single-payer over other systems.

    • +DeAndre Fuentes Are you going to post this nonsense on every thread in this comments section? Don’t you have better things to do? And reparations for WHAT? For things that literally nobody alive in America today was even involved in?

  2. It’s about time. They can’t lie forever about the fact that all other first world countries only spend 9 to 11% of their GDP but we spend 18% of our enormous GDP which cripples and holds back our economy.

    • Well said Richard! How quickly people forget that the entire Insurance Industry, and (derivatives trading) IS legalised gambling – where the payout ratio shrinks rapidly the longer you pay premiums… So long as legislation continues to legalise gambling, the house will alway win. (Especially every time their weasel-worded small print denies a payout). And neo-conservatives are so morally upright, they would definitely approve of gambling, right?

  3. I had the opportunity to live in the UK for several years. Having their national healthcare (NHS) there for me was one of the greatest things I’ve ever experienced in my life. I didn’t have to fumble through confusing private insurance paperwork, or not know how much medical care was going to cost. I didn’t have to worry about bankruptcy, and never had to worry about medical bills. The amount I paid each month for this was very affordable, and in fact I never thought about it, since it was automatically deducted from my pay just like our Medicare insurance payments are deducted in the US. NO deductibles to worry about, and NO confusing financial paperwork to deal with. The US needs to catch up to the rest of the world.

    • Thank you . Canadians don’t go bankrupt over medical costs either. They pay more taxes. I carry private medical insurance while travelling in the USA. Their fees are absolutely ridiculous. It s one less thing to worry about.

  4. It’s so sad that the US is even having this conversation when there is no question it is what should be done.

    • +The Everyday Progressive Show I have a deal. Protect border, all illegals out, and you get your medicare for all. I will throw school debt thing in too.

    • Look at the foundations of the country itself. It’s founded on blood. It’s run on blood. This is as “American” as it gets.

    • +ryan goepfert You know you live in upsidedown world, right ? did you like Mr barrs performance today ? I bet not

  5. Even with insurance, deductibles are through the roof. A Deductible from a simple visit to the hospital. No medication only observation, $2k

  6. In the wealthiest country on earth, it is more practical to delay and watch out for symptoms than just go get a tetanus shot…
    For 99% of us, the U.S.A. is a third world country.

  7. The insurance company will deny claims so you would have to go through the appeal process that can take 60 days for decision to be made. Usually during this time the doctors and hospital will want their money and threatened to send you to collections. Insurance companies know that you are under stress and most likely will pay the collection company. Once you pay them you are likely not to continue the appeal process any further. Therefore the insurance company no longer needs to continue reviewing and most importantly paying out your claim. Insurance companies are denying not only large claims making you work hard for them to pay what is medically necessary by your doctors, but they also would be deny small claims. The reason behind this is because you would think it’s not worthwhile to pursue an appeal. The small claims can add up to millions of dollars in profits for them every year and eventually billions over years just on denying small claims. Insurance companies also want medical records from your doctors and Hospital and this takes longer for the doctors in hospital provide and then when they get records it would take them longer to review the claim. This is a tactic called tag. It goes back and forth between the doctor and hospita and insurance carrier to pay the claim. This creates more cost for the doctor and hospital to retrieve and send medical records to your insurance company. Your insurance company will state that the information they receive is not enough and it goes back to your doctor to provide more information before they review the claim. this can take three months or longer before the claim is actually reviewed. so they can show a profit in that quarter, in reality they are kicking payment expense to the following quarter. Many new policies have no appeal rights. If you appeal in a panel, the panel is Insurance employees that will review your appeal. The Department of Insurance is a rotating door of insurance executives sitting on this board pretending to be watching for the public interest. They are watching for the insurance company’s interest!

    • gifted_ruler
      because without government in healthcare, i wouldnt have health insurance, and i would be dead. if private insurance wanted to cover pre-existing conditions they would without the government forcing them to. but people with cancer or asthma are just too expensive to live.

    • +gifted_ ruler hope the one you love gets cancer bro… then the rest of your life you can pay for it… best thing is, to let him/her die,… its cheaper in the US…. US society 101 … think about what the guy says on 14:16 … if that sounds bullshit to you, then we are and the world is better of with you dying really REALLY soon…

    • +Edje pé HAHAHA and you think for one minute that mother government will save you from cancer get a job and pay for it yourself your answer to everything is bigger government more taxes

  8. You can spend 23% of your paycheck on healthcare or spend 6% on Medicare For All, it’s an easy choice.

    • Now Trending just 23%?

      I’m spending 33% of fixin my mouth just because I have British genetics.

      Seriously 18k even after insurance. And no none of it is for cosmetics.

    • Jonas Albin 7000 for braces to straighten my teeth. 4900 for implant to keep my teeth from recrowding.
      1500 for crowns. 800 for a root canal. 5000 for a specialist to put in screws for said crown.

      So no not lies.

    • +Rokusho 66 just so you know, in Canada dental care is not covered, its only covered for checkups & same for eye exams, but there are exceptions & it depends on age & financial situation, BUT never at these prices, this is pure greed & theft

  9. It’s like slavery, what are you going g to do you gonna put those rich slave owners out of business. If blacks want to be free the should be born in the north its the same for health care it’s a moral issue.

  10. 20 dislikes? Magatards don’t like free health care? Of course not. Mountain dew and Doritos are more important.

    • Edward Cranium That is why Magatards need to die out! Yes, it’s extreme but they are the ones that are keeping our society from moving progressively forward.

  11. in the UK, healthcare is free at the point of entry, an american citizen on holiday to the UK could break an arm and be treated free of charge, healthcare is paid for through taxation and has been in operation since 1948

  12. Being a veteran, i have had free healthcare for the past 30 years. I have never had to worry about changing jobs or insurance plans. Its been great.

  13. Cenk, you did very well on CSpan. Loved the identity politics point. And the race point. Lol. Having to explain that Republican isn’t a race (although it may look like one in a photo op), is almost as tedious as having to explain the difference between Ralph Nader and Barack Obama.

    Well done.

  14. Why do we need hearings? 70 percent of Americans support Medicare for All. Get it done or get out of Congress.

    • Hearings are SUPPOSE to be on HOW to implement legislature. On what way the right and the left want to implement policy that 70% of Americans want. But because we have a corporate wall between us and our democracy first we have to embarass/shame/force our politicians into caring whether we die or not.

    • Socialism has been responsible for the suffering and death of millions. It has been responsible for throwing a ton of people into poverty. Capitalism brings people out of poverty and booms an economy. Do you think it’s a coincidence that capitalist nations out perform socialist nations by a large margin? Do you think it’s a coincidence that every famine that has occurred last century happened in socialist nations? Which the exception of Ireland but that was due to crop failure, not economic policy. Do you think that’s a coincident too? Capitalism is the reason our lower class and the people in “poverty” are the upper class of the world. Our lower class is richer than the middle class 20 years ago and this is due to capitalism. Socialism just makes everyone poor and hungry. Our poorest people have the highest rates of obesity so they’re having more than enough food.

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