FAQ Friday: Part D Attestation of Creditable Coverage

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If you defer your Medicare and start it after you turn 65, for example you were still working and had coverage through your employer or your spouse was still working and you had coverage through their employer, to avoid any future penalty you must prove that you had creditable coverage through you or your spouse’s employer.
There is a form that you can get from Social Security to have your employer fill out that proves that you had creditable coverage and were still working. After this form is filled out and given to Social Security, you can apply for Medicare Part B and get your Medicare Supplement coverage underway.
However, there is an extra step when it comes to your Medicare Part D for your medications. When you sign up for your Part D drug plan, around 3 weeks later when you get your policy there will include a form that can be somewhat intimidating. It will state that you will have a penalty on your premium because you started your Medicare Part D late unless you have creditable coverage. The form requires that you fill it out and attest or basically promise that you’ve had creditable coverage through your employer. Send it back to your Part D carrier and you should be good to go. There is no proof required, simply attest that you had coverage through yours or your spouse’s employer.
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