Fact check: The true cost of ‘Medicare for all’

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CNN's Jake Tapper, in partnership with FactCheck.org, looks at a claim by Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez about a study on healthcare costs.

Fact check: The true cost of 'Medicare for all'


51 thoughts on “Fact check: The true cost of ‘Medicare for all’

    • +TRE45ON
      Medicare is not the same as Medicaid. The quality of Medicare doctors is very high, and I’m talking about the whole cost, not just copays. What you’re not taking into account is the current costs. Of course it will cost a lot to provide Medicare to everyone, but that cost is still less than current costs, which are the highest in the world. Medicaid is low quality because we’ve separated the population into the haves and the have nots, and we’ve said Medicaid will take care of the have nots. If you have everyone in the same pool, and instead of paying high premiums to greedy middlemen, you pay a tax to the government, you wouldn’t see costs ballooning out of control, because no one will be making money from it other than the providers who are actually providing the service.

    • Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders’ “Medicare for All” bill would cost a breathtaking $32.6 trillion over 10 years.

      The Sanders bill would create a national health insurance program and prohibit all Americans from having a private or employer-based health insurance plan.

      To pay for it, taxes would amount to 20 percent of payroll, and roughly 70 percent of working households would pay more than they do today.

  1. tapper…..you tried this…and failed….you got corrected stop this. you are wrong. stop using this as fact or basis to discredit medicare for all. stop your bias tapper.

  2. Tapper apologize for this video after it was proven to be false.. why did they repost it? Omg this is why CNN is called fake news

    • TYT misleads and lies to people every fucking day vargas.
      You have to be an educated non bias person to see it clear as day.
      They had me for 4 years until I started doing real research into their claims.


    • whyamimrpink78 The study found that over 10 years Bernie’s plan would cost 32.6 trillion dollars over 10 years, which is less than what we are spending now. So no, hes not wrong in saying that. The authors wrote the study in such a way as to make it seem like the spending on Bernie’s bill is a bad thing, and they are biased by the Koch brothers who fund them. Clearly just asking a group funded by people with a vested interesting in blocking medicare for all is not a fact check, but an opinion check.

      A true fact check would be to look at the data gathered by this study, look at the projected spending of healthcare overall that we currently have, and give a report based on that. By the way, if we had medicare for all the government would end up paying more, but because individuals will no longer be paying privately for insurance it is entirely possible and in fact likely that the country as a whole pays less. It is just a fact that the government can negotiate as a single body much better than individuals can.

    • Matt Schilling, the study said that $32.6 trillion over 10 years was a conservative estimate. Also, that number is just for public care. What we pay now is for both public and private care. The $32.6 trillion made the assumption that healthcare providers will be willing to take a 40% pay cut without lowering quality and that increasing demand will not increase prices.

      The fact check was comparing the conclusion of the study to what Bernie is concluding. Bernie is wrong in what the study says. Now you may disagree with the study’s conclusion where that is a completely different discussion in itself. But you have to be honest in what the study says.

      Saying that increasing demand will not increase price is an economic fallacy. Very little suggests that Medicare for all would be cheaper.

    • Matt Schilling, the issue is that gathering data is challenging. This study is just looking at cost and using Bernie’s assumptions. They are a 40% reduction in healthcare payments where healthcare providers will be earning 40% less, and assuming prices won’t go up despite demand going up. If you assume that you get the number that the study produced.

      Now consider that increasing demand will surely increase price, or that a 40% reduction in payments will lower quality, you end up with a situation that Medicare for all is not any better than what we have now. Expand on that how you will almost have to double taxes on everyone and completely dismantle healthcare as we know it, you have a situation where Bernie’s plan is arguably unrealistic. Also consider how every state that tried to pass universal healthcare failed due to cost.

  3. A fact check means checking the facts…I get the feeling tapper didn’t actually read the study. Why are you quoting the author in later statements and not analyzing the study itself. #Fail

    • Still eating popcorn and drinking cocktails to my favourite video… shall we release it to the cinemas and call is “Butthurt Liberals Democrat Cowards”…. BLDC power!!!!!! LOLOLOLOLOL HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I LOVE FACT CHECKING. UNTZ UNTZ UNTZ UNTZ UNTZ UNTZ UNTZ…. DU DU DU DU DU…. UNTZ UNTZ UNTZ…. and the beat goes on and on and on baby…. yeah!!!! LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

    • In my professional opinion, and after much pause and review, I do declare that Mr Tapper is 100% correct. The entire country is behind you Mr Tapper. Truer words were never spoken.

  4. WTF You didn’t get enough thumbs-downs the first time around so you had to post the same video again???? I find your biased “fact check” once again to be very misleading. We get it – you really enjoy suckling from the teet of the healthcare industry and big pharma. It’s apparent from this hit piece that you posted twice now – that you couldn’t care less about the plight of middle to lower class Americans struggling to pay rent let alone pay for health care. JT has such a smug, punchable face don’t you agree?

  5. You posted this twice, but hours after the shooting in Florida you didn’t have a single video about it. You’re a news channel? CBS and ABC were way ahead of you. All you do is hyperfocus on trump and recycle content taking unfair shots at Bernie, but there’s like… Other stuff going on too.

    • Yes!, Are CNN trying to clean up their image???? They are doing a service to our country by not publicizing Mass Shootings!

  6. Can you please hire people that can do research? You came back to edit this video and post weeks later after getting the entire premise wrong and in the meantime you couldn’t get one person to check Bernie’s healthcare bill and see if it contained the rates needed for the savings cited in the report?…because it does. There’s also reasons why you can pay at a lower rate with universal healthcare but I wouldn’t look in to it,… clearly your crack research team is already in over their heads.

  7. So, you asked the people who did the study if Bernie was correct and they said no. That was the fact check? Why don’t you look at the study for yourself and find your own answers? Bernie said the study proves him right, the Koch back group says it doesn’t, Jake Tapper believes the Kochs, and I don’t. Both sides do it. I guess we’ll have to leave it there.

  8. As a former (quite successful) health insurance salesman and a long term patient as well, I can say unequivocally that the entire US medical system is grossly overpriced. MD’s make way too much money, hospitals are raping us and drug companies are stabbing us deep up the arse. Medicine should be priced relative to salaries and people’s incomes. It is not. Most go into the field to get rich, not to help anyone. It’s greed to the max. And it is bringing down the house.

  9. Jake assumes the CURRENT costs of medical care would be the same in the single payer system. This is a lie. Single payer lowers costs. This is shameful deliberately misleading reporting.

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