Exposing Medicare for All Imposter

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What is the next step for Medicare for All? Cenk Uygur and Jean Ross, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. MORE TYT:

Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Jean Ross

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Jean Ross


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Exposing Medicare for All Imposter


17 thoughts on “Exposing Medicare for All Imposter

  1. Getting rid of health insurance companies is like a mosquito abatement program where we rid ourselves of an odious parasite that threatens the public health.

  2. Incrementalism is unacceptable in the current political climate.
    Medicare for all will be the next massive fight in American politics,
    and the litmus test for the Democratic party going forward. If you don’t
    support Medicare for all – true, fully covered, no cost at the point of
    service healthcare for everybody, you need to be expunged from the
    Democratic party. Anything less isn’t pragmatic, it’s craven at best and
    the corrupt peddling of American lives at worst. Being for anything
    less than true universal healthcare is being in favor of more Americans
    going bankrupt or dying due to lack of access to healthcare.

  3. you need to be beyond stupid not to listen to this woman and the nurse’s union on this subject!.. it’s the only way folks

  4. Jean and all the incredible healthcare workers from nurses to doctors to therapists, etc are truly American heroes. Thank you

  5. Its so sad to see average people contend with a reality that doesnt really make sense to them but they understand enough that they have to fight it. Government is supposed to be like the animal trainers in a circus – whipping the corporations into submission and getting them to perform for the general public. Instead our government has lost all control. The beasts are running around the circus attacking people. Now we need a government powerful enough to not only whip them into submission but get them back in their cages to cool off for a while. You cant really blame the corporations for trying to get loose. You have to blame the animal trainers for not controlling them.

  6. I love that nurses have had enough of having their hands tied and having to turn people away from getting treatment because their insurance won’t cover it, and are taking a stand for healthcare for all.

  7. Is this the version of Medicare For All that is expanded to include dental & hearing aids. Does It include nursing home care?

  8. With my current pre existing condition & need for medication I would either be dead or bankrupt under this system

  9. Bless her for fighting for Universal Healthcare. In America no one should have to file for bankruptcy (which btw medical bills are the no. 1 reason for bankruptcy) as a result of an illness medical nor as the richest nation int he world should we allow our citizens to die because they either lack healthcare or are too afraid to go because it maybe too expensive.

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