7 thoughts on “Exclusive: Undercover Grandma Catches Medicare

  1. Hospice is killers disguised as medical professionals. I would love to see
    an undercover for those filthy bastards.

  2. Finally!!! News is helping to serve justice in America! Looks like one of
    the big wigs lost a hand of poker while attending a social gathering of
    ‘the men that run America aka THE MAN’ and blew the whistle on one of the
    other b-wigs to get back at the guy for beating his hand in poker.

  3. Unfortunately, even IF the doctor WAS on the level, she could not have
    discussed the patient’s case with the news team due to HIPPA regulations,
    which by the way, protect the doctors in cases like this more than the
    patient. It’s total bullshit and this doctor should lose her licence, be
    fined, and serve jail time. 

  4. Medicare is a cash cow for the industry. This is the argument for
    regulation. Without it, we’ll bankrupt the health care budget and leave
    nothing for future retirees. Washington: where the hell have you been? Will
    you get your penguin butts off the phone, spending over half your time
    raising money for your re-election, and honor your oath of office?

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