Does Medicare Cover Vision ?

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Hi there, this is Nicole w/ Liberty Senior Savings. Thanks for watching our video series entitled “88 Medicare Questions in 88 Days” where we try to answer the most commonly asked questions in Medicare. Today I want to talk to you about the question “Does Medicare cover vision?
Medicare Part B will cover some vision care but not routine vision exams or contacts or eyeglasses. Medicare doesn’t cover eye refractions or the exams that go along with it. In some situations of course they’re going to cover vision. If you have a disease of the eye or it’s an emergency medical situation that is different and will be covered. Glasses and contacts and eye refractions are not considered Medical necessity items. Have a look at the screen & see what exams will be covered.
Anytime I have questions I go directly to This information comes directly from Medicare. They’ll take care of your yearly eye exam glaucoma eye testing and macular degeneration exams. So this is what Medicare will cover for vision. When we get the Question does Medicare cover vision I think they’re usually asking about eye glasses, contacts and the corresponding exams. Medicare doesn’t cover vision wear, eye glasses, or contacts. What IS covered is diseases of the eye, macular degeneration and MEDICALLY necessary eye issues.
For years and years we got that question does Medicare cover vision. We help folks with Medicare Supplements 99% of the time. But a company we do Medicare Supplements with has put together a very good plan. It is about $1 a day. You can use it for dental, vision and hearing or combination of the three so that’s interesting. It’s not just for seniors. I have some dental problems myself so I have the plan. I use it for dental primarily. Maybe I’ll get some contacts eventually. I don’t know. I wear little cheater glasses now. You have your options but for about a $1 a day . There are no networks and no waiting periods for Preventative and Basic Services.
If you don’t want to watch it now here is the website. If we can help you with anything with your Medicare needs please feel free to give us a call. We’re always here to assist you and to walk you through any of these different processes. Thanks again for checking out Does Medicare cover any sort of vision. If you’re like most folks who just don’t understand Medicare, check out our 6 part Medicare Mini course.

Does Medicare Cover Vision ?


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