Debunkers VS Medicare for All

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Debunkers VS Medicare for All

102 thoughts on “Debunkers VS Medicare for All

  1. 1:10 I think that the smiling Bernie Sanders doodle is the biggest lie this debunked video shows. What rare few photos of Bernie exist with him smiling look like he’s suffering from bad gas or thinking “I swear I’m going to kill this guy”

    • The old “kill them with an unsustainable system that drives your country into the ground with a false narrative of ‘progress’ and ‘equality’ to make your supporters feel better when they breed rabbits just to kill and eat them” trick. Works in theory, but never implemented in its *real* form every time.

    • B C
      1. Please learn how to spell. You should have learned this in the first grade.
      2. It’s a joke. No need to overreact.
      3. “Just another critical democrat”
      What about this comment indicates this person is a Democrat voter?

      Please think before you type, you make the rest of us here on the internet look bad.

    • No offense but I’m tired of the opposing argument saying “yes, single payer will be cheaper” that’s not true. We do not have capitalist system. We have a crappy hybrid, with an asinine gov intervention. Would be cheaper then what we have now? Yes
      Would it be cheaper then an actual free market? No

    • FreedomToons I wanted to ask your honest thought on pre-existing conditions. I was born with many conditions, including sever asthma. Despite this I’ve kept myself very fit and in my prime could run a mile in under 5:00. But I still need asthma medicine to stay healthy which can be costly. Should people with conditions very clear at a young age be prevented from purchasing? Or should their be some sort of law or something regarding pre-existing conditions? After all you could never incentivize somebody to insure me.

  2. More Robert Reich and more of his nonsense debunked!

    Seriously, this guy’s name is so ironic…….

    When my mom was little, you went to the doctor, you paid him, and he saw you. You didn’t go through insurance.

    But sure it’s the private market that’s at fault. Let’s just go with that!

    • +Thomas Lance I guess it doesn’t matter if you go into debt when the alternative is dying while waiting for care. The life expectancy will be lower there eventually too because when it takes two years to get a family doctor you can’t do your regular checkups to make sure you don’t have cancer or something. Also, it’s not completely free or guaranteed affordable depending on what you need (if you even get it) and it stagnates development just like socialism does for the “innovative” countries around the world.

    • +Sammiches25 Small things, even small things that are mistreated creates a national scandal, if there is one thing politicians hate it is bad press.
      But the thing about healthcare is that it is not like other types of services, it is not not optional, everyone needs healthcare and it is a uniform thing we need, beyond that the best type of society is egalitarian.
      When I look at America I see a shocking inequality. There are these who are fabulously wealthy and there are these who live in squanders.
      No one in a rich society, should live below the poverty line.
      I advocate for essential welfare and essential medical care, to prevent the absolute deprivation that is so widespread in the US.
      And think about this logically. How can ye have a private healthcare system, while the government meddles in everything about healthcare, and especially the “insurance part”.
      The “don’t discriminate based on pre-existing condition” part from Obama is absolutely baffling to me. How can ye even call something like that “insurance”?
      What ye need is a public healthcare, and a separate private healthcare system.

      But as I also said, and this is possibly the most important. The dichotomy ye have between the left and the right wing is a false one. There is only one true division, and that is between nationalism and globalism; between the idea of self-ownership and self rule and its opposite.

    • Carson Todd the only thing they repealed was the individual mandate, the ACA is in fact a shell of what it was in its first 4 years…I don’t see anything good coming out of that, it was a bad decision from republican leadership, that said, AGAIN, I knew from the start the ACA was a bad idea.

    • NuclearHobo42 ok, I’m going to answer little by little, as you don’t seem to understand international politics, no, people do not think like me in my country, the reason we have an economical mess is because of privatization of government responsibilities…electricity, airports, airport security, healthcare, even the police has been privatized to the point that you need to pay them extra to actually do their job, the last 30 years have been a right wing dream and a public disaster…please read a little about the country you’re going to talk about before giving judgement.

    • NuclearHobo42 we have “free market” in the way you think of it, in fact…it’s very similar to the way the U.S. does it, big corporations pay little to no taxes, blue collar workers are now paying up to 40% of their income in taxes, I still have family there and in fact they are in a good economic situation, but not because of the “free market”, but because of decisions taken by my grandparents over 50 years ago…

    • NuclearHobo42 I’m not asking for “more government”, in fact I believe I’m asking for the educated people of my country to make a stand, just as they did 10 years ago and demand for an increase in the education budget and to stop the killing of students at universities, you see, in my country the police kills students for expressing dissenting opinions towards our extremely right wing politicians.

    • I agree there are some of the best. Just delivering fact after fact. The sad thing is you get these nut jobs on here they see it supposedly they hear it but apparently their brain don’t work enough to figure it out. And this day and age who the hell could be stupid enough to be for f****** socialism

    • +skott townzend I agree. Mark Levin does this too. Debunking Robert Reich is his favorite past time. He gets a laugh out of Robert Reich’s outrageously misinformed videos. Go Debunkers.

    • Otto Weininger are those numbers of dead inflated with successful suicides, missing, and homicides? If so, how are those the healthcare industry’s fault? They weren’t fast enough to get there as soon as the bullet left the muzzle or cut the noose as the body fell? That’s more of a social problem. Suicides are complicated, but given how shitty politics are getting I’m not surprised those numbers sky rocketed. Now if you’re not including those numbers to inflate your healthcare argument, good on you. But if you’re using the dead to make it out worse than it actually is, you are disrespecting those same dead. That isn’t a hill you want to die on. Lately the far left AND the Democratic Party have been proven to inflate numbers to win an argument while Alt Right and the Republican Party back up their arguments with legitimate statistics. So yeah don’t blame anyone but your own party for the public discourse siding away from the crazy.

  3. But… but… socialism works! Don’t you understand? It’s just the people that are the problem. Get rid of them, and socialism will work!

    • +emilio perez ”SOME socialism works supported by right laws”

      ALL socialism are supposed to have the protection of law for the workers and a democratic system that makes it so protect the proletariat.

      The thing is, when you give arbitrary power to a group of poeple over the means of production, writing in a pretty paper that you shouldnt do something bad, is not something that can stop anyone when they have absolute power.

  4. Also, “it has emerged as the biggest issue in politics”


    But yeah, lets let our dissatisfactory government keep my family and i alive.

    • “I hate the way the government does things and ruins them, and how irresponsible and unaccountable it is; therefore, I demand the government be the absolute arbiter and provider of the most important life and death service in existence.” — The Average American.

    • +psychobyte00 That doesn’t tell me anything about how it happens. Those kinds of bills are exactly the ones that hospitals tend to write off because there’s really no way for the hospital to recoup. I want to know the steps that lead to it.

    • +Caveat Lector Single Payer doesnt make government the “absolute arbiter and provider” of healthcare. Healthcare delivery infrastructure remains privately owned and competitive. The government just pays for people to use it. The job of a health insurance company is to collect and spend money, a job that government is very good at.

      Private insurers have whole departments of people who their job is to find any reason they can to deny coverage to their clients. Government insurance doesnt have this motivation, they simply pay out when their beneficiaries need treatment, no questions are asked.

    • +BladeOfLight16
      Youre trying to do mental gymnastics to justify the outrageous cost of our healthcare system. If it was that easy to get out of medical debt, dont you think more people would be doing it?

    • Calvin And Hobbes Bear I can’t even imagine the increased numbers of fraud by expanding Medicare. There are already billions in fraud. With greater numbers of opportunities and less oversight, the costs would skyrocket. I also talked with someone who said they like the idea of more government healthcare because her uncle wasn’t getting good care from the VA…. people just blindly believe the promises.

  5. Free healthcare for all only works if there’s a perfect ratio of doctors/medical personnel and supplies to address the needs of the entire population. No matter how much you subsidize a fisherman, even if you pay him 10x his wages, he won’t be able to suddenly catch 10x more fish.

    • smile444 What you don’t understand is that insurance companies and CEO’s aren’t taking care of people. They are all about the business side of things and it isn’t their job description to heal people. DOCTORS are the healers, the people on call for 12 hours rushing through the ER at 3 am in the morning… your blatant disregard to acknowledge that it is doctors who are the professionals who care shows your ignorance on the subject. You can link all the fake news articles you want but government run healthcare does in fact extend wait times (credit to my fam in Canada), and the quality most certainly will go down as doctors get paid less, and the profession becomes devalued. If you forget where the skills and product that consumers want come from, you won’t have a good grasp on how a single payer plan could drastically hurt our economy. Also your spelling is atrocious

    • Pummba The thing I’ve never understood about a total privatized system is why hasn’t any other country in the world at least attempted it? If healthcare quality and wait times are so atrocious in Canada, Australia and nearly every country in Europe why haven’t the people of those countries been voting in an American style healthcare system?

    • TheXboxName you’re asking the wrong question. The question is why haven’t any countries tried adopting a fully privatized healthcare model? Regardless of whether or not a privatized model would work, Canada, Australia and other euro countries (+others) don’t try it because (it’s my assumption that) they rely too heavily on the government funding from their universal healthcare taxes… you’re asking a question similar to: “Why doesn’t America adopt a flat tax rate”, it’s sounds like a good idea in practice, and we could “vote” it in but it hasn’t happened

  6. Leftist are like people stuck in traffic looking at people taking the toll road and saying “Its not fair toll drivers get to enjoy traffic free roads, and we have to sit in traffic, we should all get to enjoy traffic free roads” Not knowing that once you turn the toll road into a regular road, that road will end up with the same traffic problems.

    • Well on healthcare id argue its not that simple as human life itself relies on it. On moral terms i think it makes sense for the state to ensure life to its peoples at the least. Plus toll roads in this context don’t necessarily need to cease to exist. Tired of waiting a few weeks for treatments due to your gov rationing care based on need rather than pay? Well come on down to our private clinic where your market driven dreams are fulfilled.

    • +jrock I’m intrigued by your “do both” idea, but I don’t see how it would work. The main problem with asking the government to take care of things is that it does so badly at a high expense to the taxpayer. Lots of roads go unpaved or unfixed, Public schools fall in ability to provide for their students and give them a proper education. Basically when the government is in charge you get a McDonald’s cheeseburger for the price of a Steak dinner… so why are you so sure this won’t be a problem with heathcare?

  7. Canadian here, bought a ticket to a third world latin American country and paid for and got private medical operation the same week i was there while if i was to wait in canada i would need to wait anywhere from 6 months to 1 year…. Yeah wait times are ducking nuts here.

    • +Magni Thorson I waited about eight hours for a dislocated limb in a hospital in the United States. Unless it’s life threatening there is no immediate treatment.

    • +BTpaintballer yeah and he’d be working for life to pay the medical debt off in the states as most insurances won’t cover 100% of everything major especially things like cancer. Unless he dumps all his money and lives below the poverty line in order to get medicaid.

    • +CraftyArts Then you have a misconception. A lot them do offer resetting for most bones, and you’re right they’re not walk-in clinics. But most will accept a same-day appointment

  8. *Friendly reminder* : Canada ruled that their healthcare is unconstitutional because you can’t make someone in need of medical attention wait weeks (or months) for rationed treatment from less incentived doctors

    • +USMC0311CplJackson Well parts of China and Japan, you know, I’d say the people living there deserve some, wouldn’t you agree? Plus not everyone can breathe.

    • +iwillnotkillyou CZ-En Why? Why do they deserve some? Just for existing? Or maybe if they deserved some, they might move to a place where they might be able to procure some?

    • +iwillnotkillyou CZ-En Rights aren’t needed to exist tho… if that were the case every slave throughout history.. would have ceased to exist the moment they became slaves.

    • +iwillnotkillyou CZ-En go into any ER and you will get treated regardless if you have insurance or not and can get for very low cost. Your comment is ignorant and completely false

    • Amy H First it needs to break apart. I’ve heard that the North and Southeastern side of California wants to become their own state(s), with one of them being named Jefferson (they’re people that have been gerrymandered into irrelevancy by the Bay Area). The Bay Area and “Calexico” can do whatever they want if they split off. But they won’t, because they know that they won’t survive a month not being a part of the USA.

    • Because states don’t raise that much in revenue. The federal government raises the vast majority. Medicare for all

      FYI currently the US spends 18% of GDP on healthcare (public, private combined). Every developed country with government run healthcare spends less than 12%.

      In comparison the US spends less than 4% of GDP on the military.

    • +Dungeon Master No, the federal can pay for it because they have the main sources of revenue raising and states dont. By far the main source of income, company, capital gains etc. There is a major fiscal imbalance in America.

      Currently the US is spending 18% of GDP on healthcare – by far the most in the developed world. A medicare for all would get that down because the government would be a much better position to negotiate prices with hospitals, doctors and drug companies.

      While the cost of medicare for all means the government would have its costs increased and would have to raise taxes you’re forgetting that Americans spend billions and billions on private insurance. This would no longer be needed.

      People keep assuming the current costs for private insurance will continue and therefore they end up with incorrect calculations on the costs of medicare for all. The increase in taxes would be largely offset by no longer have to purchase expensive insurance from insurance companies or have your employer use your wages to pay for your insurance.

      I’ll give you an example. Lets say your private healthcare costs $500 a month. Lets say you need to pay an extra $400 in taxes for medicare for all. You’re actually going to be $100 better off since you no longer have to pay that $500. Now those figures are purely arbitrary numbers but they show the idea.

  9. _”Both California and New York are moving towards single payer plans.”_
    *That’s great! Let them choose a system that they feel works best for them, and then if people agree with that system and want free healthcare, they can move to those two states!* I fully support a state’s right to implement such a plan for themselves, just don’t force me, living in another state, to pay taxes to a federal bureaucracy to do it on a national level.

    • My thoughts exactly. If everyone else wants to ban guns, make healthcare public, have a communist revolution, etc., that’s great. Good for them. Just as long as it’s not in my country. The central US feels like the only place in the world for people like me, and I’d die before they take it away from us. Honestly, I’d be happy if the coasts went ahead and seceded from the union, just as long as they don’t try to sneak across the border later. I don’t want to live in their country.

    • +Jerk Jerkington I disagree there. No secession. The union remains. Just allow states strong autonomy within their borders. Allowing secession is allowing ourselves to be made weaker.

    • +The Coward Liberius I’m honestly not that worried about invasion. As far as I can tell, the only significant threats we face are from within.

    • At this point, I think all the States shouldn’t be United.
      It would be interesting to see these States split up, each doing their own thing.

    • Except the fact that these benefits are federally funded. So why should the whole country pay for select states services? I know why, because that is the only fiscal possibility. Witch hides it is clearly insolvent(guaranted debt)…

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