Cutting Medicare Advantage

Bob Moffit, the Director of the Center for Health Policy Studies at the Heritage Foundation, discusses the importance of not cutting funding for Medicare Advantage.

The Facts: Medicare Advantage

10 thoughts on “Cutting Medicare Advantage

  1. You people are such wh*res for the private health care industry. Seniors
    who enrolled in this sham program were told it was a part of medicare and
    have no idea that they signed on to a for-profit plan that bilks Medicare
    in their name and holds out necessary medical care when they need it. How
    do you sleep?

  2. maybe we need to do like the rest of the politicians. just trick the people
    into thinking we are giving them what they want. problem is most true
    conservatives are straightforward about principles and won’t just pander.
    we could probably get some things eliminated if we would just resort to
    trickery like the rest of them, but we don’t tend to do that. maybe we

  3. i agree, but it’s not going away so we need to try to make it as least bad
    as possible. what happened when goldwater ran against medicare? he was
    destroyed. ron paul runs against it and no one votes for him(well, i did).
    americans love entitlements so us conservatives need to work to minimize
    their harm. i think thats what this video is really saying.

  4. why not keep medicare advantage and allow people to make up their own minds
    about whether or not it’s better than standard medicare? seems like we
    should keep the options open because health care is not one-size-fits-all.
    i agree with this video.

  5. medicare advantage is the free market arm of medicare. democrats want to
    get rid of it and force everyone into the standard government insurance. i
    agree that it would be better to get rid of it entirely, but thats not
    happening anytime soon. sometimes it really is the lesser of 2 evils.

  6. ‘don’t cut welfare!!! don’t cut welfare!!! free government handouts are
    good!!!’ i thought this was a free market think tank. oh…that’s right,
    it’s a republican think tank, my bad.

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