Could Sanders Deliver on Medicare for All?

Green Party candidates Dr. Jill Stein and Dr. Margaret Flowers say the way to a single payer system is not through the Affordable Care Act nor the Democratic Party.

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23 thoughts on “Could Sanders Deliver on Medicare for All?

  1. ALL health insurance is a scam. If you buy into the “legalized extortion
    racket” then you are a victim, if you dont buy the “insurance” you are
    still a victim. Doctors charge CUSTOMERS without insurance one rate while
    customers with insurance get their bills settled with insurance companies
    for a fraction of that amount. It is part of the scam….everyone is a
    victim. The govt took over the “numbers racket” and now call it the
    LOTTERY…the govt is the only people who can lose money being “the house”
    in gambling…do you really want them involved in your personal

    • Banks and insurance companies NEVER lose they are guaranteed a return on
      investment and can adjust your rates if you collect and can charge interest
      rates considered illegal for other lenders. Did anyone ever see the lower
      car insurance rates you were promised when MANDATORY auto insurance went
      into effect? Obamcare will be no different.

    • +Steve S Please don’t forget that they had that money “returned” to them
      via “bailouts” that the tax paying members of society had to cover. The
      banks DID NOT lose – they lost but won.

    • The banks lost money making loans to incompetent people…even the banks
      thought, “how can you lose money gambling when you are the house??”

  2. Hillary takes money from the corporate elite and will dance to their tune
    she is an establishment politician and these are the very people destroying
    our democracy and we shouldn’t be supporting any establishment politician.
    Bernie Sanders will work for the 99% and Hillary will work for the
    corporate elite and she will lie as all corporate elitist do to get what
    they want and screw the rest of us.
    first of all corporate media s not out of touch with the voters; they know
    darn well what they are thinking; you got to understand that they, the
    corporate media supports establishment politicians be it from the right or
    left, they are scared to death of Bernie Sanders because he’s finally a
    candidate that will stand up against the oligarchs who run our
    establishment government. He can’t do it alone he needs our help if we are
    going to have our country back, one that works for all of us, please stand
    up and fight and don’t listen to the corporate media and establishment
    politicians they will continue to lead us down the wrong path. Poll after
    poll say the people think we are on the wrong path then why would you keep
    voting for the same establishment politicians, if you want change then you
    have to quit voting for the same old establishment candidates like Hillary
    Clinton or the Republicans that take corporate money, you won’t get change
    with those candidates. Bernie Sanders is the only candidate that doesn’t
    take corporate money and wants to get money out of politics so we can get
    our country back. Socialist , don’t even go there, unless you want to quit
    driving on are interstate system, or give back your social security and oh
    yes Jesus was a teacher of socialism, I say that’s a person to follow.

  3. we pay a monthly payment close too 500.00per month 4 a family
    plan…… a deductible and all the other charges like x-rays,blood
    work and on and on ….its insane …..we cannot qualify 4 Obama care cause
    the company where we work offers insurance so u cannot opt out……i just
    hope the green party are allowed 2 debate just lie the others who
    sell us B/S…..ty good luck jill and margaret…..u have my vote

  4. What he can deliver is a consistent reminder that such a system is possible
    and attention toward the institutions and people that continue to make it

  5. What an insulting interview, bringing in members of the other parties to
    talk again about what? Bernie Sanders and promote his candidacy…I have
    just one comment on that:

    “The system is rigged” when it controls both the preferred candidate as
    well as the”alternative” choice, especially of such high “party-patriotism”
    as Sanders.
    I can see the “Obama-esque” marketing for Sanders and the now almost
    ridiculous “radical” rhetoric that is brought up to make him look like a
    radical, a precondition really.

    There’s no hope for the US when the so-called progressive and educated
    minds make such vain and invalidated use of words.

  6. Bernie is more like Obama (aside from the large campaign contributions)
    than McGovern . With the dissemination of news as technology grows, the
    democratic party will not be able to bury Bernie now that he has won NH.

  7. A 2014 Princeton University study comparing policy outcomes based on 20
    years of public opinion data found that “the preferences of the average
    American (bottom 90% of earners) appear to have only a minuscule,
    near-zero, statistically non-significant impact upon public policy.” This
    should be troubling to every American, but it is especially disturbing when
    you examine the behaviors that are routinely practiced in Congress. We need
    not revolution but social evolution to a better deal for the people who
    truly own America, that’s us.…/gilens_and_page_2014…

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