Cory Booker Backs Off Medicare For All In Interview

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Cory Booker Backs Off Medicare For All In Interview


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83 thoughts on “Cory Booker Backs Off Medicare For All In Interview

    • +ShadowDrift This is true! It’s their way of saying they don’t wan’t Main Street America having the same Cadillac healthcare plans they enjoy.

    • +Seth the WickedI am with you. I was actually saddened that he dropped out but I understand why he did it. I honestly believe that Ojeda, Bernie and maybe Gabbard are the only ones that will defeat Trump. Those are the only three democrats that I know can win the general. I like Andrew Yang as well and I would vote for him in a heart beat too. However I don’t see any of the ones I mentioned getting the actual nomination. Heck, Ojeda hardly got any press coverage. I know people like myself will NEVER vote for the likes of: Booker, Harris, Biden, Gilibrant, O’rourke, Castro or even Warren. Im not voting for anyone just because they’re not Trump.

    • +agonzalez8924 thats interesting. I dont know a single bernie supporter that turned around and voted for trump. I have no interest in having a leader i have to sit around and fight with in order for them to do the right thing. Give me my Bernie and dont cheat him like they did in 2016 and there wont be a problem. Now will they?

    • Remember, it is the rich that decides who the rest of the population can vote for in a general election…been that way for a loooong time now.

    • ørg Thran, I never hear any wealthy host ask where the money is going to come from for more wars or tax cuts for the wealthy. Just awful hypocrisy.

  1. Cory Booker: I will fight for medicare with every fiber of my being
    Interviewer: Isnt that extreme?
    Cory Booker: You might be right

  2. Considering that Cory accepted $200,000 from pharmaceuticals & voted no on cheaper prescription drugs that Bernie & Ted Cruz voted for, this doesn’t surprise me.

  3. Don’t make it so complicated. When they ask “how much will it cost?”, you answer: “$5 trillion less than if we don’t do it.” Done. Simple as that.

    • Here is a fact….it would cost only what the government is willing to pay…it doesn’t have to cost very much at all…..of every single American got medicai d and demand for health insurance ceased because everyone got coverage then the doctors and medical industry are going to take what is offered….we could seriously do this for 10 trillion if that was all that was budgeted for it…these numbers that the so called experts keep coming up with assume every American is going to go to the doctor for every ache and pain. If we used a working model and stopped treating symptoms and started treating illness the costs would be really low. All these trillions they keep throwing around are all lies..

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