Coronavirus outbreak: COVID-19 treatment covered by private insurance, Medicaid & Medicare

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U.S. Vice-President Mike Pence, who heads up the coronavirus task force, sought to assure Americans on Wednesday that the risk of contracting COVID-19 remains low for Americans, while saying treatment would be covered by private insurance, Medicaid and Medicare.

Officials, meanwhile, said the communities most at risk are the elderly and those with underlying conditions.

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Coronavirus outbreak: COVID-19 treatment covered by private insurance, Medicaid & Medicare


61 thoughts on “Coronavirus outbreak: COVID-19 treatment covered by private insurance, Medicaid & Medicare

    • He said it’s provided by medicaid and medicare, so If i not wrong you do. But if you do go in please cover your mouth lol

    • Just walk down to your nearest senators office and start coughing all over them! Treat them like they treat you

    • @TheDickeringTitillator he’s not covered you don’t get it only poor and old qualify for Medicaid and Medicare and you still have to pay some out of pocket expense

    • If you do get infected I recommend you to spread the infection and let your greedy government know that health care should be FREE or CHEAP

  1. 2 week incubation period means by the time you know you have some symptoms you infected a dozen people and so on

    • The virus has mutated, is difficult to detect, and is likely to become a seasonal disease (the virus will attack the nerve center of the patient. If you feel a headache or neuropathic pain, please seek medical treatment in time)

    • @Wednesday’s Child look I dont know you are joking or not, I’m just telling you the latest research from China which your Drs also known , just for stabilize stock prices, they selective reporting

    • @Wednesday’s Child Ok the Chinese also said they found the virus in patients Spinal fluid
      And everyone is susceptible to infection regardless of age. Possible routes of transmission, contact, droplets, feces, live viruses are also found in urine. Airborne transmission may not be the main route of transmission, but it cannot be ignored.

  2. Should be free. Tax payers pay for the government to prevent outbreaks, to protect us . They didn’t now they don’t want to treat us for free. Seriously we have no reason to believe our government would protect us from this virus. It will depopulate, rid of elderly, disabled, people on SSI, poor,on section 8, smokers, people with TB, HIV, COPD, heart disease, diabetes, kidney disease, and even homeless. Basically weed out the weak and those costing govt. money. After watching this admin allow children to be ripped from their homes, caged and held waiting on their parents to be processed for deportation. They already have shown their lack of empathy, humanity, and compassion. Now news is saying it may be new normal, get used to it. They might be deliberately planning to let this run rampant. They want us to treat it less lethal than flu, which by the way we have all gotten too accustomed to the number of infected and dead, and that in it self is a dangerous risk.. China gave them 2 months instead of cancelling all flights they just cancel flights from 1 country. 30 other countries have it. I am disappointed.

  3. first things first lets not tell the general population how screwed USA is going to be ITS ALL GOOD NO WORRIES lol

    • Danny O That is not true. Emergency room covers triage, meaning they will stabilize you and send you on your way.

    • @Bacons Strip well you’ll have to be falling over dead when you show up to the hospital. But they’ll give it to you then. Emergency Services is just that if it’s not an emergency and you’re not an imminent threat they are not going to provide the service. Anybody who keeps relying on their government to save them is being ignorant. Did you really think they were just going to go Dole out a bunch of expensive tests for free that they can make profit on? That’s not the country or the reality that we live in we live in a world that harassed little girls for selling bottled water with no permit. Our relationship with our government is not a I scratch your back you scratch my back relationship. They will always put money and control above the citizens. Anybody who believes otherwise has been lulled to sleep Living in a Dream state pumped up with patriotic bulshit. They create Patriots to go fight in Wars and they don’t even know what they’re fighting for. But if they can make you feel proud enough of your country you’ll be willing to die for some rich man all in the name of your flag.. George Carlin was right when he said they call at the American dream because you have to be asleep to believe it. This thing is going to ravage the United States and they’re more concerned about pushing left-right paradigm and whose fault it is

  4. China paid for EVERYTHING for millions from testing, ambulance, hospitals, ICU, medication, mask, quarantine in converted hotels and everything in between for a nation who’s “people earn $1 a day” . You gotta wonder.

    • @Paradigm buddy,eating bats was unheard of in China(at least in mainland)and The origin of the virus and the mutation process are unclear,just like the Spanish flu does not originate in Spain,Don’t make a conclusion because of prejudice

    • @Paradigm It probably was bats, but not bat soup. Bats are communal and crowd together. They are very prone to infectious disease, but they have evolved super immune systems. As the population of the world increases and bat habitats are invaded by humans, species jumpers are more likely. Unfortunately, humans don’t have a super immune system. Fortunately this virus, although strong, is not extremely lethal. The next one might be worse. We should view this outbreak as a n opportunity to prepare for the inevitable pandemics to come.

    • @박사장 shame on Korea, eating more dogs than China.

      China has banned wild meat trading. Why dont you focus on Vietnam and Thailand on exotic animals? Amazingly they eat more exotic meats than China but gets no virus outbreaks. Why is that?

      How do you know China is corrupt today? Any proof Xi Jinping is not cleaning house with all those Chineze traitors embezzling money working for outside powers?

  5. Again I wonder how many hard working Americans who can’t afford insurance but can’t receive Medicade ( because they earn too much to qualify) won’t be able to afford to miss work to go to the emergency room visit to be tested? Many of these people work in the hospitality industry where contact with the general public is the norm?

  6. Why should private insurances amd individuals have to pay for testing? They are not at fault
    Government has dropped the ball

    • America is Every man for himself and it’s the Empire’s final days. It’s ripe for pandemonium and flying bullets right about now.

    • The Purge. comes true. This will help to eliminate the useless person for the US. Poor/old/sick person, they may die high potentially.

  7. How reassuring is it that the government is telling us that a God-damned worldwide epidemic is covered by insurance? That totally eases my mind. Repulsive.

    • Well Kimmy bragged about he and Xi’s comrades were delivering a Christmas present!
      I know! They can now tell the “assault virus” victim how eager they are to pay for each person’s losses to family and finances because they drank too much and ordered up some bugs!

  8. Well, this is what you kinda get when you choose to make healthcare another business model instead of a part of your societal infrastructure. At least you do not need private insurance to get firefighters to your home when it is on fire? But I guess that is just a matter of time? ^_^

  9. We paid taxes… for this?

    Last week I went and bought surgical masks for 5 bucks a piece.


    We are not ready for this. Government doesn’t even care about us.

  10. Here in China and we receive Covid-19 treatment for free, meanwhile USA the supposedly land of ‘freedom and democracy’ charge $3000 for treatments??

    • Rico everywhere in the world covid 19 treatment is free, I live in Vietnam, they support people in isolation food and supplies for free! In Korea, they paying people money to get tested, free treatment also. What is wrong with America!?

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